Life With a Coon Series: Introducing a Maine Coon Cat to Your Family with a Baby

For the next few blog posts, we will be doing something a bit different. This post will pilot a series of four blog posts about integration. With integration, it means the next four posts will talk about integrating your Maine Coon cat into your life and the changes that go along with it.

So you are a Maine Coon owner and you want to add a new family member; or you’ve finally decided that you want to welcome a Maine Coon into your home. Of course, you would want to make it as hassle free as possible. To start off, this series entitled Life With a Coon, we will talk about introducing a Maine Coon cat to a family with a baby.

Maine Coon cats as family cats

Maine Coon cats are awesome family cats! They have been always been one of the most favorite domesticated cat breeds. Maine Coon cats are the “dogs of the cat world” and it is easy to why. Maine Coon cats are very loyal and they love spending time with their family. They enjoy playing and bonding with their owners and the other members of the family. Maine Coon cats, especially the males, would not pass up an opportunity to play games with his family. They take delight in being silly. The female ones can be just a little bit more resolved. But once they get to know you and be comfortable with you, they become playful as well.

Cats and babies

Having pets can really make family life more fulfilling. But there are those who prefer to introduce pets to the family once they feel that their family is complete. When it comes to cats, they are territorial. Some people would suggest that, if you’re planning to have a baby soon, it might be better to have the baby first before introducing the cat.

Cats are very sensitive to scents. When they go to a new home, they would familiarize themselves with the different kinds of scents they encounter in the house. Usually, they would begin to feel “at home” once they are already familiar with all those scents of people and various activities around and near the home. Having a baby can bring about a wide array of new and unfamiliar scents to the home. There’s the scent of the baby, milk, baby poop and a whole lot of smells that a cat does not know.

Aside from the scent, caring for a baby in the home also “disrupts” the normal routine that a cat may have already been accustomed to. Suddenly, the house is noisier. Different kinds of new sounds will dominate the house  There are new furniture. The owners might also seem to act different now, more tired or stressed out. These things are some reasons why there are those that want to have the baby first.

How should I introduce a Maine Coon cat to our family with a baby?

So if you have a baby at home, and are now thinking about welcoming a Maine Coon cat, don’t fret! Once you bring home your Maine Coon, everything will be new anyway. Your baby will already be one of those things that your Maine Coon cat will get to know. By this time, everything related to the baby is already in place. Your Maine Coon cat would just have to familiarize himself with everything that his new home has to offer. In no time, your Maine Coon cat would definitely see that your baby is part of his new found family!