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Ragamuffin Cat Versus Maine Coon Cat

Both of these beauties are in the large cat category. They both have long fluffy hair. The Maine Coon still holds the lead as the largest of cat breeds. Females of the Ragamuffin breed can reach up to 15 pounds. The males can go up to around 20 pounds. While the Maine Coon will mature faster and reach the full grown stage, the Ragamuffin Cat takes four years to get to that grown up stage.

The temperament between the Maine Coon and the Ragamuffin are quite similar as well. They are both docile cats. They love to have alone time with their humans. They both also like their own time. Either one is capable of being around children of all ages, with supervision of course. Once you start to pet either one of these beauties, they go weak in the knees, so to speak and will just lay there out of sheer relaxation.

The Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin was bred from the Ragdoll breed. It is widely believed this was done to obtain a wider variety of color. Not only were more colors desired, the breeders were hoping for a larger cat also. The Ragdoll had the size, temperament and fur that was wanted, just not the colorings. So these breeders utilized the Himalayan, the Persian and the domestic long hair to get exactly what they were after. They were established as their own breed in 1994.

There was some logic to the outcross of breeding with domesticated long haired cats. The domesticated longhairs that were chosen for breeding had already fit the standard of what was considered perfection. In order to qualify in this class, the cat had to have one accepted Ragamuffin parent and an accepted outcross can currently qualify as a Ragamuffin breed.

Although these Ragamuffins do have long fur, they do not require too frequent brushing. Their fur doesn’t mat up or get tangled and knotty like many long hair breeds. The Ragamuffin is a muscular and heavy cat breed. They have a rectangular body, a broad chest and a short neck. The cat societies consider these cats to be heavy boned and having a substantial body. The head of a Ragamuffin is broad, has an obvious dip in the nose, and they also have a medium short muzzle.

The fur on a Ragamuffin is a tad bit longer around the neck, and all colors and patterns are possible in the breed. One part that makes these creatures so adorable would be the puffy whisker pads they have on their face. Looking at them makes one want to pinch those little cheeks.

A Ragamuffin cat is heavily muscled in all the right places, the shoulders and the hindquarters especially. When a litter is born, they are generally born white and the coats will gradually develop a pattern and color as they mature. They may also have any eye color, with some having heterochromia. This simply means that they may have multi-colored eyes, or two different colors of eyes.

There is one obvious difference between the Ragdoll and the Ragamuffin. Ragdolls must have pointed coloration. The Ragamuffins do not have to have that. The Ragamuffin’s coat should be plush in texture and feel. The Ragdoll coat can be plush or silky.


When researching for a family pet, the Ragamuffin ranks among the top choices. As mentioned earlier, the temperament makes them a docile and calm cat. They love to have the attention of the humans they love. The patience that a Ragamuffin holds allows them to be held by either a hyper child or by an adult. It does not matter to the Ragamuffin. To be honest, a Ragamuffin is considered to be the Teddy bear of the cat breeds.

When compared to the Maine Coon cat, the Ragamuffin is more stocky in build, more muscular. When it comes to personality between the Ragamuffin and the Maine Coon, they are virtually identical. The only difference is that the Ragamuffin has a little more patience than the Maine Coon. Although they both love the humans in their lives, the Ragamuffin is able to stay calmer around rambunctious children. The Ragamuffin weighs slightly more than the Maine Coon.

One thing that you will notice about the Maine Coon cat is that they are a very independent breed. A Maine Coon has a square type face, while the Ragamuffin has a more round face. Another obvious point are the Maine Coon cat’s ears. These ears are quite prominent with tufts of hair, the Ragamuffin has common ears.

Common Health Problems or Predispositions

Both of these breeds have common issues that could happen, the Maine Coon is predisposed to, as does the Ragamuffin. With the Ragamuffin, they can be predisposed to Cardiomyopathy and Polycystic Kidney Disease. Ragamuffins are a large breed of feline. It is very common for these cats to overeat. Feeding recommended portions routinely will help to stave off the obesity in a Ragamuffin.

While most cats will live a long and healthy life, the Ragamuffin can live for 18 years. Regular visits at the Veterinarian can help keep your feline healthy for at least that amount of time. The Maine Coon cat is most often considered a hearty and healthy breed of cat. Yet, they are predisposed to a few health concerns also. Some of these issues include:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Stomatitis, Periodontal disease and polycystic disease. This seems like quite a few possibilities. However, these are just the possibilities and not diseases that all Maine Coon cats will inherit. While this may seem like a long list of issues, keep in mind that the complete lineage of the Maine Coon will never be known.

They have been around much longer than a Ragamuffin feline. As time goes on, we may very well learn that there is more that the Ragamuffin is predisposed to.

For both breeds, simple DNA tests can be performed which can give you a warning of what is a possibility in your cat, no matter which breed of feline you are drawn to. Obesity is a common issue for our feline friends, but it is also a common issue for humans and canines also. The veterinarian can help guide on feeding routines, portion control and possible treats for your little buddies.

Both types of cat, the Ragamuffin and also the Maine Coon cat do like to be active. Be sure to have space where they can roam, climb and jump. There may be times you think that the cat is losing its mind, as they will tear off at breakneck speed around the room or down the hallway. This is your furry feline enjoying itself.

When it comes to downtime, make no mistake, they will curl up and go to sleep where they are comfortable. This may be in your lap, a hidden corner or under furniture. This is all common behavior for cats of all breeds.


This could very well be the biggest difference between the two, how well they do outside. Neither is actually bred to be an outdoor cat. However, the Ragamuffin will choose to remain indoors rather than venturing outside for any amount of time.

The Maine Coon cat, well he is from the hearty stock that originated outdoors from what can be determined. The Maine Coon cat has extreme hunting skills which allows it to live outdoors just as well as he or she can live indoors. Personally, I would not want to let my Maine Coon or Ragamuffin run outdoors. With the fur and the Ragamuffin not being a hunter, I would not want to take a chance. No matter how good of a hunter, there is always a predator that is a better hunter.

What cannot be argued is the fact that a Maine Coon is the largest of the domesticated cats. While they both share the same sort of personality and demeanor, the Ragamuffin may have a little more patience. The look of the Maine Coon with the long and shaggy type of fur gives it a wild look, which adds to its attractiveness for prospective owners.

When you are looking for a breed of cat for your family, look for a reputable breeder. One that is registered with all Cat Fancier Organizations and Associations. When you purchase, or adopt a feline from them, your cat will have registration papers, first vaccinations, first visit with the veterinarian, and you could possibly even obtain a family tree for your cat.

The breeder will have the registration papers ready for you, or have them sent to you. It is more likely that a registered breeder will be able to get the papers the same day. He also will have detailed records of the cat’s birth, any issues experienced, including by the mother.

If, for some reason, the breeder tells you he cannot get papers, please walk away from there. This is not a registered breeder, which means your cat’s lineage is not likely clean as would be with a legitimate breeder.