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Maine Coon vs Siberian Cats


What are the differences? 

Maine Coons and Siberian Cats are both beautiful cats that have a lot in common. They’re both long-haired, they come in many colors, and they’re both very loving pets. However, some differences between them make each one unique! Let’s take a look at the pros and cons relating to these two breeds.


Maine Coons are heavier, have shorter legs, and are less slender in appearance than Siberians are. They reach their adult growth between 3 and 5 years of age. The average size and weight of a fully grown Maine Coon is between 15-25 lbs and 10 to 16 inches in height. The male Maine Coon can be up to 1.5x bigger than its female counterpart. They are known for having a “smiling” face and have long, thick beautiful coats that can be one of a variety of colors! 

Siberian cats are smaller and more rounded and have longer back legs which make them more agile. The average size and weight of a fully grown Siberian Cat are between 8-25 lbs and 9 to 11 inches in height. They are a little slower to mature and tend to take up to 5 years to reach adulthood. The male Siberian Cat can be up to 1x bigger than its female counterpart. Although a long coat, they have a short, dense coat which isn’t isn’t as thick or fluffy as that of the Maine Coon. The Siberian Cat comes in many colors and is truly just as striking.

The Coat and Grooming

Maine Coons may provide more coverage for their owners because of their fluffy coat, but it is not as dense as that of the Siberian cat. The Maine Coon coat is thicker and longer-haired than that of a Siberian, so it will probably be more prone to matting. This means that the Maine Coon may need special attention from its owner to keep its coat clean and groomed.

Maine Coons do have warmer coats though that don’t stay damp for long periods of time which may make drying after bath time a little less work. The Siberian’s coat is much thinner, and it’s shorter in length. Siberian Cats do need to be groomed more often than the Maine Coon, though both breeds require daily brushing in order to upkeep their exquisite coats.


Both breeds shed all year round but their main shed is twice a year, in spring and fall. The Maine Coon shedding is lighter than that of a Siberian cat. Both breeds can start shedding from a young age but will be fully shedding their adult coat by around 3 years old.


Dander and Allergies 

The dander on the cat’s coat is a primary cause of allergies. Pet dander is similar to our dandruff it’s naturally shed from your pet’s dead skin cells. Both breeds produce dander, though it is said that dander from a Maine Coon isn’t as bad for allergy sufferers because the dander doesn’t get stuck in their fur like that of a Siberian.

It may not make sense that a shorter-haired Siberian Cat would shed more dander, but when you consider its dander is trapped close to its skin, it makes more sense. Dander may be one factor in determining which breed best suits your allergies but the fact remains no cat is hypoallergenic, so dander will be a problem for all cat owners. 


Siberian Cats’ claws are more curved than Maine Coons’ claws.


Energy and Training 

Maine Coons are very energetic and will happily play with you for hours they’re even known as “the dog in cat’s clothing!” They can be trained to fetch, play games, walk on leashes, catch mice, and much more! 

Siberian Cats are known for their water-loving nature. They love to problem solve and explore and will happily bring you an item in order for it to be thrown! Their playful streak is very high be sure to have lots of toys around because they are just as happy to keep themselves entertained. 

When it comes to activity levels, both breeds are very playful and energetic pets! You’re sure to find them dashing around at any given point during the day. However, Maine coons tend to slow down a little as they age.


Maine Coons are playful, sensitive, loyal, intelligent with lovable personalities. They can be a little timid at first but will warm up over time. They have a reputation for enjoying the company of children, making them a great choice to be around during long dreary winter months. Maine Coon cats are also very gentle and kind which makes them less aggressive than some cats.

The more affectionate nature of this breed means that they will make their owner feel loved just by being there! Siberian cats are known for being very gentle and dainty pets, though they can still be very feisty! Equally playful and intelligent Siberian Cats are very loving cats but not nearly to the same extent as the Maine Coon. Don’t worry though you will still get your daily dose of cuddles from them and it doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy having a Siberian Cat around though because they’re still friendly kitties with plenty of love in their hearts! 

Siberians do tend to bond with just one person rather than the whole family like the Maine Coon. This means that they may need special attention from their owner in order to form a bond! 


Some people believe Maine Coons are less intelligent than Siberian Cats. Others say that they have the same intelligence level. It’s hard to tell who is actually more intelligent because each cat has its own individuality and temperament. You may just have to try both breeds and see which one you like better! 

Indoor or outdoor? 

It’s all a matter of preference. Maine Coons are more laid-back and like to be inside where it’s warm, but they may try to escape outside in the summer heat if you’re not careful. Siberian Cats are speedier and enjoy being outdoors, but they can also just live as an indoor pets. Both breeds seem to face the same health risks as other types of cats- they are both vulnerable to outside dangers like animal attacks, being stolen, and illness. They should be vaccinated and given regular parasite treatment regardless.

Health Issues and Lifespan


Maine Coons are more likely to get afflicted with a few select cat diseases such as hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and feline lower urinary tract disease. They have a shorter life expectancy than Siberian Cats.

Some Maine Coons may not be affected by these ailments but all of them live 10-15 years at most in comparison to the 15-20 year lifespan that Siberians can reach without getting any major illness. Siberian Cats can still suffer from Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Polycystic kidney disease, and Erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency. They are also said to have more trips to the vets due to hairballs.

Choosing which to adopt 

If your thinking of adopting either the Maine Coon or Siberian Cat it’s worth remembering that both breeds enjoy human-to-pet communication and will happily accept attention from you. If you would like an involved cat that needs tender loving care, the Maine Coon is probably better suited to provide this type of affection.

If you want a cat that will be active, playful, and adjusts to home and own its independence, then the Siberian Cat may be better for you! Consider which one would work best in your home or family situation before making any decisions on what breed to adopt!