Life With a Coon Series: Introducing Your New Baby to Your Maine Coon Cat

Last time, we started a four-post series about life with a Maine Coon. In the pilot post, we talked about how to introduce a Maine Coon cat into your home once you’ve already had a baby. Since cats familiarize themselves with the different scents present in their new home, the scents that come with having a baby will be part of those.

However, there are many people who started with pets first before a family. There are Maine Coon owners who are single. And there are couples too. Any cat owner would admit that when you have a cat, sometimes, it’s not you who’s the boss. Cats really make their presence known in a house. Most cats have a favorite spot to hang out and would never budge. Sometimes it’s the couch; a lot of times, it’s your place on the bed. For this second post, we will be talking about introducing a new baby to your Maine Coon cat who has already established territory in your home.

Maine Coon in the house!

Just imagine having a very lively Maine Coon cat in your home. They are giant balls of personality. When you have welcomed a Maine Coon into your home, it won’t take long and he (or she) will be settled in! Your Maine Coon cat will take over your house and your heart in no time. And he will be taking over in the most adorable way. Soon, your Maine Coon cat will blend in right into your routine. Certain areas in the house (actually your whole house) will be your coon’s territory. It will be definitely be home sweet home.

When you have a Maine Coon cat who’s been part of your life for some time, it will be very exciting but a bit concerning to introduce your new baby. For your Maine Coon cat, and for you, a lot of changes will start to happen. Once your baby arrives, there will be a myriad of new scents that your Maine Coon cat would have to deal with at first. It may take some time to familiarize himself with all the new scents, changes in the home and new activities. Your Maine Coon cat will also have to deal with all the crying. And at least for a few weeks, he might find you, his owner, too busy. But don’t worry! Soon, your Maine Coon cat will get used to all the changes and they will become part of his new routine.

Preparing your Maine Coon for the baby’s arrival

It will be great if you can prepare your Maine Coon cat beforehand. Try preparing him in stages before the actual arrival of your baby at home. Most parents like to shop for baby items early. You can start introducing your cat to the baby’s new stuff. If you are setting up a nursery, let your Maine Coon cat get familiar with the room. Allow him to check out the new furniture and get to know the smells. Introduce him to the scent of toiletries like baby shampoo, baby wash, baby powder, lotion and all the things you might be using.

How should I introduce our new baby to our Maine Coon cat?

My sister prepared her cat for my baby by letting him smell my baby’s used blanket. This can be a good way to introduce your baby’s smell to your Maine Coon cat. Before your baby goes home from the hospital, you can bring home a blanket that your Maine Coon can smell. Once baby is at home, give your Maine Coon cat time to “check the baby out” without forcing him. When he’s ready, allow him to sniff the baby in your arms. Talk to your Maine Coon cat and don’t be too nervous or jumpy. Your demeanor might be what your Maine Coon cat associates with the baby and it has to be good.

Try your best to make time to bond with your Maine Coon cat during the day. Do some of the things you normally do and keep his routine, This will help him not feel left out with the arrival of the baby. Play with him or groom him; just bond with him. In time, your Maine Coon cat will learn that the new baby is part of the family. And it will be such a joy to see your baby and your Maine Coon cat develop a wonderful relationship.

Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND