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10 Huge Maine Coons

Maine Coons can grow quite big. They are the largest cat breed, growing bigger than any other breed as we’ll see in these pictures.

1. World record for the longest cat in history Stewie, pictured with owner Robin Hendrickson, was 48.5ins long











2. Meet Samson, New York Cityโ€™s largest feline resident




















3. She seems to be trying to recreate the Lion King using her pet as Simba


4. He looks bigger than the owner

American Maine Coons can grow up to 48in long and weigh as much as 35lbs


5. “Little” Tiger

A survey by mobile network Three said 3.8million pictures of cats are shared around the internet ever day


6. That smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Maine Coon Cat


7. She seems menacing

Maine Coon Cat


8. That look – like owner like Maine coon ๐Ÿ˜€

Maine Coon Cat


9. Dinner anybody?

Feed Me Please!


10. MieowzzZZzz



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