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Buying a Maine Coon 101

When it comes to buying a pet there is no good or bad choice per se. At the end of the day, you are not buying a shirt or a new pair of underwear, your pet will grow old, it will not go bad, it will love you and it will keep close to you even in your most trying times.

Getting a pet is not a chore, nor is it a good gift idea, the pet might not be there your whole life but you will be with them for their whole lives. A common mistake that most people make is that they rush into the choice that they want and they end up buying a cat or a dog without really knowing everything about how to treat and train them.

This is where we come in. Today we’re focusing on the Maine Coon cat, one of the most popular cat breeds of all time and for good reason too. 

If you’re thinking about buying one then you need to take your time and make sure that you have the budget for it. Believe it or not but Maine Coon cats are both extremely expensive to buy and to maintain. They are easily exposed to plenty of diseases which is why they need monthly checkups and constant care and nurture. 

Should I Buy an Older Maine Coon Cat or a Younger one?

As exciting as it may be to buy a youngling, we highly recommend that you go for an older cat if this is the first Maine Coon cat that you’ve ever adopted or purchased. They are way calmer; they can be a lot more loveable and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting an older one simply because they will get even more attached to you afterwards.

Studies have shown that older cats, especially when adopted from the pound, tend to really open up to their new owners simply because you are giving them a second chance technically. Earning their trust can take a while but if you go for an older cat, you will not regret it. With that said, keep in mind that getting a younger Maine Coon is also good in itself, you will get more time with the little bugger and you will get to take care of the little munchkin in its young baby state.

So, which option’s better? Honestly it depends on your tastes, go for what you find more fitting. Do you want to give an older cat a second chance at a good life or do you want to start anew with a baby? You decide. 

Fun Facts About the Maine Coon Cat 

First and foremost, you need to know that the Maine Coon is the largest cat breed known to man with the exception of the Norwegian Forest cat. They are extremely massive, weighing in at anywhere between 15 to 25lbs or 7 to 11kg.

They are as long as 40 inches or 101 centimeters and they are very furry so they require a lot of grooming. If you’re not ready to take care of one almost every single day of the week then we recommend going for another breed because the Maine Coon is an extremely needy one to have. 

Secondly, although they are very laidback and intelligent, they can also be quite curious which results in them getting in very bad situations they shouldn’t be in to begin with. For example, they can spend hours just chilling on the sofa but if they hear a random bird outside, they will not hesitate to chase after that bird all day long.

So, you need to put up restrictions, either go outside with your cat and keep an eye on it so it doesn’t accidentally put itself in danger by walking in the street or just make sure that your cat is plenty occupied so it doesn’t need to concentrate on going outside in the first place. 

Thirdly, they love water for some reason. While most other cats will tend to stay as far away as possible from water, the Maine Coons will enjoy a bath almost on a daily basis. They love to throw themselves into baths and in some cases, they will even turn on the faucet themselves because of how much they love getting wet.

You can even take your Maine Coon to the lake for a swim, there are plenty of videos of them dipping in the water so be sure to check that out if you want to see the bizarre event yourself. 

How Much Time do They Require? 

The Maine Coon cat is, as mentioned previously, extremely needy. They require a lot of grooming, a lot of exercise and a lot of play time. The grooming part is especially important so be sure to get used to carrying around a brush in your backpack because they will constantly need help untangling their mantle.

They have magnificently thick fur so it often times gets tangled up so you’ll need to spend a lot of time on that every single day, especially if the weather outside is not really favorable to begin with. 

Play time wise again we’ll have to mention that they are very intelligent so be sure to keep a ton of toys around them for them to choose from.

Sometimes however they will downright ignore everything for the sake of just getting what they want which might very well be just your fingers to chew on.

They need a lot of love; even very old cats will not hesitate to jump at you from the shadows and ask for belly rubs so always be ready for when this massive overgrown baby wants some play time. 

Exercising is a must for them, Maine Coons are very prone to obesity because of how massive they are. So, you will either need to play a lot with them and force them to move in a fun way or you can go on walks outside if the weather allows it.

Remember, even a slight humidity in the air can be a serious detriment to their fur so keep that in mind if you want to go outside with your cat. We recommend buying a treadmill for convenience’s sake. 

Necessary Payments 

Here is a full list of everything that you will need to take into consideration before buying a Maine Coon cat: 

  • Vaccination
  • Large Size Cat Bed
  • Large Size Scratching Post 
  • Annual Insurance 
  • High Quality Dense Food and Treats
  • Premium Shampoo 
  • Automatic Cat Feeder
  • A Cat House Sitter for When You’re Away

If any of those sounds like too much for you then we recommend going for another breed. We don’t mean to sound rude but those are the minimum requirements for taking care of a Maine Coon so if you’re not willing to pay up then you should go for something more accessible instead. 

How Much Affection Do They Require?

They are incredibly affectionate babies. They will sleep with you, walk with you to the bathroom, they will throw their overgrown bodies on you when you sleep and they will even charge you from a distance if they’re looking for pets.

Some cat breeds are a lot more reclusive, keeping to themselves and only allowing you to pet them when they feel like it. Maine Coons are not like that, they are the complete opposite. They need a lot of love and they will offer the same amount twice over.

You’ll find it hard to keep your Maine Coon away from you at most times, so if that’s what you’re looking for then definitely go for a Maine Coon cat. 

Do You Work from Home? 

Maine Coon cats are very independent which is attributed to their intellect. They can pretty much just live on their own as long as they have the necessary food and water to keep them occupied. The real problem comes from the lack of love.

They are very affectionate, as mentioned previously, so they will get attached to the very first human that comes their way after a lot period of time of being alone. So, be sure to get them a cat house sitter if you’re often away from home but if you work from home then you will always find your Maine Coon cat waiting patiently to be petted at all times. 

Do They Get Jealous of Other Pets?

The great thing about Maine Coon cats is that they actually get along with most other pets quite easily. Unless your other pet is intimidated by the sheer size of your Maine Coon you will not find them attacking each other at any time.

They tend to adapt to their new environments quite easily and since they are very smart, they can easily get along with cats, dogs and even other pets. They will rarely try to attack another pet, even if we’re talking about parrots for example. We still wouldn’t recommend keeping them within the reach of your fish though so keep that in mind. 

Toy Ideas for Maine Coons 

Here is a list of what we would consider to be a must for Maine Coons: 

  • A Pet Water Fountain for their hydro-love
  • A Large Scratching Post
  • A Large Litter Tray 
  • A Series of Large Plushies 
  • A Large Cat Tower 
  • A Large Floor Pillow to Rest On (they might still prefer your lap however)

You can find more ideas on our maine coon resources page.

Where to Get Them From (PROS AND CONS)

We have a list of ads on our website you can check there as well: maine coon kittens for sale. Here is a list of other most popular places to get your Maine Coon from: 

  • Facebook 
  • Gumtree 
  • Craigslist
  • Pet Shops 
  • Rescue Centers and Shelters


Getting a Maine Coon from Facebook can be quite a good option because of the accessibility of it all. You will easily find a reputable breeder advertise their services on Facebook and you can even find some that are quite close to you. But beware, there are plenty of crooks that will lie about their services, they will even spread misinformation for the sake of selling you something wrong so always do your research beforehand. 


The best part about buying from Gumtree is that they are the cheapest option on the market. They will even allow you to bargain your way to your dream pet, but it will also be a lot harder to check out the legitimacy of the owner and the pureness of your breed. You also can’t come back in case they’re sick so always make sure you do monthly checkups on your pet if you’re going for a Maine Coon. 


This is the most dangerous method on this list so we advise that you only choose this as a last possible option for yourself. Check out the grammar of the post, look out for any bad signs and always do a checkup on the seller to check out their legitimacy beforehand.

The price might seem like the best one from this list but if you can choose between one sold on Facebook and one sold on Craigslist look past the price tag and go for the one on Facebook. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

Pet Shops

The best part about pet shops is that they’re usually trustworthy but they’re also very expensive. Because of how much of a cut they take from the breeders you will sadly not be able to find any registered breeders selling through this method but this isn’t a total deal breaker as long as you’re willing to put in an extra buck or two. 

Rescue Centers and Shelters 

This is by far the best option as far as we know. You will get to save a life from living on the streets and you will find it way cheaper than you would in most other places.

The legitimacy of the seller is nonexistent but if they tell you that it is a purebred then it most likely is one. Save a life, get one from a shelter, they will love you more than anyone else in this world, trust us. 

So, hopefully now you know whether a Maine Coon is the right choice for you or not. Remember, there is no bad option, there are no bad pets, there are only bad owners. Keep that in mind and good luck!