Are Maine Coons More Social Than Other Cat Breeds?

Gorgeous Maine Coon

Are Maine Coons more social than other breeds? That is a very easy question to answer! Yes, they are. They are far more outgoing than most other breeds. They are known as the “dogs of the cat world” because they behave more like man’s best friend than their aloof fellow cat breeds.

Maine Coon cats simply enjoy the company of people. They can at first be a little shy when it comes to strangers, but they quickly warm up to them and make friends rather easily. They are highly intelligent which can be measured by their ability to be trained and perhaps that is what makes them so social.

Their Long History of Friendship

Maine Coon cats have a long recorded history of being good friends to humans. They are excellent hunters which made them very valuable family members in the days when farmers had to worry about rodents getting into the grain and other crops.

The cats would help to keep down the rodent population and then be more than willing to cuddle up by the hearth and hang out with the family.

They also became great friends to sailors by keeping the wharfs free of vermin. Maine Coon history dates back to almost 300 years of providing companionship for the people of Maine and the surrounding states.

They Are Gentle Giants

Maine Coon cats are considered gentle giants for a reason. While they are great hunters, energetic and love to play they are also very sweet and loving. They love to be cuddled and they love interaction.  It may be exactly because of their size that they are so sweet and lovable.

Unlike other domestic cats that may be in real danger of being stepped on or tripped over and a resulting injury, Maine Coons’ substantial size just about ensures that they are very visible and can easily withstand a potential “incident” of being tripped over.

Maybe it is just because historically they have been an important part of the culture of Maine and have been constant companions of the people of Maine that it is now a genetic trait for them to be friends of people.

They actively seek the companionship of humans and really do enjoy the company of people. They work hard to form friendships with people and thrive when they are an integrated member of the family.