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Where to Find Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Maine Coon Teenager

If you want  a pure bred Maine Coon kitten and you are willing to pay for it, then the first thing you need to do is to NOT hit up the pet shop. No responsible breeder would place their kittens in a pet shop for sale. The next thing you need to do is some research.

Check with the CFA for local catteries that are registered breeders. You can check with the local Maine Coon clubs or national clubs to find a responsible breeder to purchase your cat from.  Any breeder that is responsible will belong to the CFA.

Any breeder that is responsible will answer your questions and will very likely show their cats.  You do want to choose a local breeder if you can because shipping the kitten can be very expensive and it can also stress the kitten out.

Things to Ask

Once you have found a breeder there is a list of questions that you should ask and that they should be very willing to answer. Ask if the cats have been genetically tested for HCM. Ask if they show their cats. Ask about the line or heritage of the cats.

Ask to see the parents. Ask to see where they are sheltered. Ask to see health records. Any breeder that is interested in making sure that their kittens wind up in good homes will be happy to see that you are interested in their heritage and their care.

The goal is to always make sure that you are dealing with a breeder that puts the cats before profits. Maine Coon cat breeding is not a for profit business in most cases. The cats are bred for either show or for pets. Typically the breeder will keep the kittens that they believe are show quality and sell the kittens they believe are pet quality.

The difference between the two groups is very difficult to discern. It may be something as simple as the eye shape being a bit different or a patch of white is not in a perfect triangle.

Saving Some Money

Typically if you buy a Maine Coon as a pet it will be less expensive than purchasing one for show. It is also usually an added expense to get the breeding rights for a kitten. The breeding rights can cost you about $2,000 on top of the cost of the kitten which can also be around $2,000.

And remember, there are thousands of non-pure bred Maine Coon mixes available at local shelters who would love to go home with you.

You will also find maine coon kittens for sale on our site in states like : Texas, Illinois, New York and more.

Why You Should Buy From Registered Maine Coon Breeders

Registered Maine Coo n breeders are, on the whole, absolutely fanatical about the breed. They are knowledgeable and care for their cats and kittens. Whilst it is expensive to purchase from a breeder, this in part reflects the additional upkeep of the parents and the genetic testing that should be done on all the kittens.

They will be able to provide you with a wealth of knowledge regarding the Maine Coon, including personality traits and your kitten’s parents and grandparents. 

Whilst there are plenty of Maine Coon cross breeds out there to adopt, when you buy a pedigree you can expect to receive pedigree paperwork to prove the legitimacy of the pedigree claim. You should also receive a full vaccination history and the results from the genetic screening.

All legitimate breeders will have their kittens tested for a variety of potential genetic faults, such as HCM, hip dysplasia and spinal muscular atrophy. In addition, no breeder worthy of the name will sell you a kitten under 13 weeks old. 

And of course, by buying from a registered breeder, you are supporting a legitimate business, ensuring that the health and happiness of the litter are upheld and that funds are not funnelled into the pockets of less scrupulous dealers.

In addition, being a legitimate enterprise means that if any problems do crop up shortly after purchase, you’ll have a reasonable expectation of aftercare support. The breeders want the best for their kittens. 

Avoid Maine Coon Money Scams

Anything that makes money will have its share of copycats, no pun intended! Breeding and selling Maine Coon kittens can result in a sizeable amount of money changing hands. Enter the scammers. Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Gumtree or Craigslist, it is important to remember that these are all very much unregulated, and there is very little comeback if you hand your money over to a shady character who has no intention of delivering all that was promised. 

Bait and Switch

A common con is the switching of the cat. You sat an amazing picture online of the perfect little kitten and you’ve been chatting to the ‘breeder’ for a week or two. You finally drive over to meet the kitten, only for the dodgy dealer to inform you that that cat has just been sold earlier that day. They will claim to be very sorry of course, but they have another one from the same litter available. 

Your heart was set on buying your Maine Coon that day, and now you are faced with a different cat. Maybe the markings are less appealing, or without your knowledge, the kitten is a cross-breed. It may not even be from the same litter, as the original kitten that was advertised might have been a stock photograph picked to lure in unsuspecting victims like you. Either way, your heartstrings are tugged, because it’s still a cute little Maine Coon kitten, so you hand over your money and head home with him or her. 

This is a classic bait and switch. You have no idea as to the quality of the kitten. Has the kitten had its genetic tests done? Are these papers faked? As red flags start to go up, trust your instinct over your heart, say no, and go home.

Deposit and Payment Scams

There is no reason for a legitimate breeder to need to ask you to pay a deposit before you are able to come down to view the kitten. Don’t be fooled by them claiming that it is to avoid time wasters. You have a legitimate need to see the kitten before any money changes hands, and as such deposits are a firm no.

Whilst occasionally an inexperienced but genuine breeder might try going this route, they are aligning themselves with the shady con artists who will take your deposit and vanish into the night. Most of the time they will not even have any Maine Coon kittens in the first place and any images you see are, once again, stock photographs.

Likewise, if you are asked to make full payment to an overseas address, even if the kitten is right in front of you and you plan to take them home right there and then, we strongly advise that you only sent money to banks registered in the same country as you reside in. What reason would there be to send funds abroad, other than to make it harder to recover funds if everything goes wrong?

Trust your gut instinct. If it seems too good to be true, or the details start to change the closer you get to picking up your kitten, walk away. There will be other, more legitimate, dealers out there. As a handy tip,  

Gut instinct and googling images, google has a handy ‘images’ tab where you can simply drag and drop any images you have received into the search bar and fairly reliably you’ll be able to see if you have been sent a stock picture. If you have, close down all contact with that seller.  

Be Aware of Ongoing Costs

Having brought yourself a purebred Maine Coon and having ensured you used a reputable dealer, it is important to be aware of the ongoing costs of owning such a pet. Whilst all pets have associated costs,  the Maine Coon breed has some specific issues that will set you back a little more. 

Insurance and Health Issues

In the purchase price of your Maine Coon, your breeder should have had your kitten screened for any genetic faults. Despite the screening, your cat may be at risk of developing heart problems, kidney disease, spinal problems and a host of other issues.  

The cost to treat your pet at any veterinarians can potentially run into thousands of dollars. Worse, this might well not be a one-off experience. Looking after a sickly Maine Coon could quickly cause financial hardships.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you purchase some pet health insurance. Do your research and find a policy that you can afford. Be aware of these costs before going ahead and purchasing your Maine Coon, because if it is not a cost you can bear, you probably should think again about purchasing such a pet in the first place. 

Make sure you have the insurance in place from day one because if any problems do crop up before taking out the policy, your insurer will refuse to pay for the treatment of anything related to the issue. You may even find it hard to find an insurer for a cat that is not 100% healthy at the time the policy is taken out. In contrast, if a condition occurs within the scope of the policy, the insurer will continue to pay out for the problem, even if it is a repeat issue for years to come. 

Maine Coons require a lot of exercising to keep healthy. A lot of owners opt to keep their Maine Coon indoors, given that they are such an expensive and desirable breed. If you plan to go this route, be sure to equip your house with plenty of toys and things to do. If you do not, you will quickly find that your car becomes bored, obese and may potentially develop unwanted behaviours. 

A lonely Maine Coon is a sad Maine Coon

It should go without saying, but most animals require company. If you are keeping your Maine Coon indoors, then it will have only you and your family to relieve them of boredom. 

If you can afford the cost, we would recommend buying two Maine Coons, ideally from the same litter, so that they can interact and play together. Not only is this entertaining for you, but it will also keep them active and happy. 

Naturally, this means double the insurance and vet bills, so be sure that you can afford this added burden. 

If you cannot stretch to the costs of buying and looking after a second, then it is going to be up to you to fill in the social gap in your cats’ life. Maine Coons are loving and very sociable. You are going to find them sitting and laying around wherever you are. Expect them on your sofa, bed and keyboard at all times. If you give your cat the attention it seeks, it should eventually be satisfied and allow you a little time to get on with whatever tasks you need to do. 

Introduce Children and Other Animals Carefully

When introducing a Maine Coon into your household, it is important to follow some fairly simple rules. Maine Coons are pretty hardy cats, given their size, and they will clear out of an area if they are not happy about the situation, so don’t worry too much.

However, when bringing a Maine Coon into a house with children, just supervise to ensure that your cat is not under too much stress from being pushed and pulled around. Whilst pretty tolerant, no one wants to see their young child hit with a kittens claw. 

If introducing a Maine Coon into a house with existing pets, give the other pets time to get used to the presence of this new guest. Use separate areas for each, if possible, and bring them together carefully. Once they are used to each other, if there are any problems it is unlikely to be from your Maine Coon.

That said, if you already have a Maine Coon and you are introducing a new pet, be sure to follow the advice above, as Maine Coons can be very territorial. It can take time and space to gradually bringing together.

Neuter or Spay Your Kitten

Unless you have brought the breeding rights and are a registered breeder yourself, or plan to become one, we would recommend that you spay or neuter your pet. Unneutered males can be very difficult as indoor cats. They will scratch up your furniture whilst trying to find a way out and may spray around the house. They will also be more aggressive than their neutered counterparts.

Likewise, unspayed females will seem desperate to get out when they come into season and you will have a fight on your hands whenever you need to open a door or window. In addition, it prevents unwanted litters and greatly reduces the likelihood of developing cervical cancer or mammary cancer and eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer.

Breeders List (Updated to 2021)

Below you can find the registered breeders in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK and more.


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Maine Coon Breeders In Massachusetts

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Maine Coon Breeders In Virginia

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Maine Coon Breeders In Colorado

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Maine Coon Breeders In New Jersey

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Maine Coon Breeders In Maryland

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Maine Coon Breeders In Texas

Pip and Paw: Maine Coon Cattery
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Maine Coon Breeders In North Carolina

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Maine Coon Breeders In Michigan

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Maine Coon Breeders In Indiana

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Maine Coon Breeders In Illinois

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Maine Coon Breeders In Missouri

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Maine Coon Breeders In Arizona

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Maine Coon Breeders In Oregon

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Maine Coon Breeders In Ohio

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Maine Coon Breeders In Georgia

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Maine Coon Breeders In Washington

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Maine Coon Breeders In Ontario

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Maine Coon Breeders In Quebec

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United Kingdom

Maine Coon Breeders In South & South East

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Maine Coon Breeders In South West

M Holden Amoramist01326
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Maine Coon Breeders In Wales

Maskell Kelferron07527

Maine Coon Breeders In Bucks & Wilts

Havasy Elcidream07376
Murray Isadoryou01908
Chant Sheerclass01380


Maine Coon Breeders in Sydney



Finding and buying the right Maine Coon for you should not be hard, just look up local registered breeders and get in touch with them. Do your research and don’t just buy from the nearest person you find with an available kitten. Remember that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, and keep the scams that we covered above in mind. 

Find a Maine Coon Facebook groups as a starting point for finding local breeders with available litters. This will also help guide you towards the most reputable breeders around and increase the likelihood that any claims to purebred pedigree status are legitimate. 

If you do not take precautions, you will find yourself paying an unscrupulous dealer for a mixed breed Maine Coon, possible without genetic screening having been carried out. As such, whilst you might get a cat that you love, it will not be worth the money you handed over for it. 

Ensuring your cat early is essential to avoid problems, later on, should any health issues arise. Make sure to get your cat checked frequently at your vets to make sure that anything worth worrying about is picked up early. 

Despite everything we’ve said above, don’t be put off of buying a purebred Maine Coon. They are large, lovely characters with a greater variety of chatty trills and meows make them a far superior pet than your average cat. (Sorry kitties!). Their fun-loving ways and beautiful loos make them great family pets.