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10 Reasons To Get A Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat are large domesticated felines. Their history and origins are still a mystery for us. The little history that we can speculate on is that they originated in Maine. Hence the name. The giant felines are very gentle and make perfect domesticated pets. They are also the State Cat of Maine.

There are many reasons why you should choose a Maine cat as your pet. We will go over some of them. By the time we are done, you will wonder why you do not have a Maine Coon Cat yet.

Cuddle Up

Maine Coon Cats are large, strong and big boned. A full grown adult male Maine Coon can weigh up to 25 pounds, while the female may reach 15 pounds. Their height ranges from females at 14 inches to males at 16 inches. The Maine Coon Cat does not stop growing until they are about 4 years old, versus the other breeds at two years old.

Those little ankle biting pups are no match in size for the Maine Coon. This gentle giant far outsizes the majority of toy breed dogs.

Their Personality

Every cat lover talks with their cats. The Maine Coon will talk back. They seldom meow, but they are very vocal! They like to howl, yowl, and maybe even chirp and trill like birds. They love to be vocal, especially with those they love!

A surprise for any feline lover is that the Maine Coon is trainable! They carry a high intelligence which makes it super easy for them to learn tricks and other fun stuff. The Maine Coon will greet their owner when they arrive home, they like to play a lot, even playing fetch is one of their methods of interacting.

The females are shyer than the males, but are playful and beautiful. The males are very social, goof balls and love to make you laugh. Both are very affectionate, but do not demand attention. They are also very capable of entertaining themselves.

Lifespan and Health

The Maine Coon will live an average number of years, like other felines. This is an average of 12 to 15 years. The Maine Coon, of all the breeds of cats, are the healthiest. They have very few health issues.

However, the health issues they do get are mostly of a genetic origin. They are more likely to end up with feline cardiomyopathy than other breeds. One unique health issue that the Maine Coon is prone to is Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Just as with other breeds, the Maine Coon is just as likely as any other cat to have a predisposition towards genetic issues.


The Maine Coon is the feline that will greet you when you arrive home. They are likely to follow you everywhere you go. They like to be right by our sides as we watch television, do household chores or even try to relax. As with any other pet, a Maine Coon may like to sleep with their owner, or even cuddle up in your lap. There are just as many that do not want to be held that often. Of all the breeds, you will find that the Maine Coon is the one that loves the most.

Family Oriented

The Maine Coon is the one cat that you can trust to not hurt a baby or child. They have a very strong instinct of protection towards infants and children. They seem to understand that an infant is much more delicate and fragile than an adult. The one main reason they are top choices as a house pet is because they are well known for being good with children.

Their Fur!

A Maine Coon Cat has a ton of fur. The fur is long, but will not mat up like most other long hair cats. They do shed, but not nearly as much as other felines. They have the ear tufts of fur that will make you fall in love with them. If your Maine Coon ends up out in the rain, do not fear, Their fur is water resistant. This keeps their skin dry and prevents irritation from being damp.

Their thick fur is also good if you or a loved one has an allergy to cat dander. The fur is thick enough that it minimizes the amount of dander the cat releases into the air.

The Looks They Give

Talk about facial expressions, wow! The Maine Coon Cat will let you know what he or she is thinking and feeling just by the look on their face. Of course, depending on the way the Maine Cat’s fur is, the looks on their faces are quite evident. He or she will appear either grumpy, content, quizzical or angry.

Adorable Feet

The Maine Coon’s feet are very furry. So furry in fact that they make a person smile. This is actually protection for their paws if and when they walk outside. The fur is thick enough to help protect against rocks and even water. The furry and fluffy feet just add to the cuteness. If you think about it, a Maine Coon cat highly resembles a lion. With the tufts on the ears and feet.


The tails will actually measure half the distance of the Maine Coon Cat’s entire length. Like other cats, they use their tails to tell what their emotions are. If the tail is swinging back and forth quickly, it likely signifies anger.


Besides being extremely expressive, the Maine Coon cat eyes can be multiple colored. The most common colors are copper, gold, and green. The Maine Cats that have a lighter colored fur will likely have blue eyes that are very striking.

Bonus: Coloring

I cannot stress enough that like other cats, the Maine Coon can come in a wide variety of colors. Matter of fact, there are roughly 84 versions of coloring that you will find on a Maine Coon.

I personally find all cats adorable, except the sphinx, but they are cute in their own way. When there is a Maine Coon cat in your life, life will never be the same. A Maine Coon will show you a whole new side to feline behavior. They may take their time allowing you to cuddle with them, however, when they are ready, you will definitely know.

The behavior that a Maine Coon exhibits is undoubtedly different than what you may know about felines. The Maine Coon is goofy and will also develop strange little habits of their own. They are truly creatures of habit. When they find something they like to do, like to eat or like to play, they stick with it forever. Speaking of forever, a Maine Coon cat will remain playful for its entire life.

Chasing strings, little toys and laser lights are some of their favorite playtime activities. It is always a great idea to keep your pets active. It is best for their health ultimately. So as an owner, continue playing and buying toys that will keep you gentle giants moving and playing.

All this good is not safe from some negative. I have never seen it happen, however, I am sure that when angered or provoked, even the gentlest Maine Coon Cat will strike out with claws if they feel threatened or hurt. I can testify that our Maine Coon gave our toddler a very gentle warning smack with its paw, no claws were bared, but he made it known that my toddler’s behavior was not welcomed. Honestly, it was cute to watch, he looked like a parent telling a child to stop touching something dangerous.

Curiosity is what cats are known for, and the Maine Coon does not disappoint in that aspect. Like so many other cat breeds, the Maine Coon seems to find every paper bag, small box or bag left out. They will find their way into it no matter how small the thing is. The Maine Coon, like other breeds, love to find the most innocuous place to curl up and sleep.

This can be in place that their humans would not think they could fit into. I have seen our two Maine Coon Cats hide above the kitchen cupboards in roughly a three inch space between the cupboard and the ceiling. We also have a gap between the living room wall and the ceiling, our male cat somehow finds his way up to the ledge and likes to sleep there.

We have yet to figure out the athletics it takes for him to get up there. There have also been times where I am in tears thinking that our female Maine Coon got out the door, only to find that she has found her way not only into my daughter’s room, but into her doll house too. She will be curled up so cozy and comfy after moving the doll furniture out of the way.

There is no denying that felines are a great housepet, but when you choose a Maine Coon Cat, your life will be changed for the better almost immediately. They are great companions, great housemates and will allow you to love it unconditionally!