Are Maine Coon Cats Jealous?

Maine Coon Cats are truly gorgeous felines. They also love unconditionally, and love attention, when they want it. However, they are also the type of cat that does get jealous. You would not normally think of a cat being jealous, but a Maine Coon will become jealous of another animal, a person or even an item.

The Triggers

A Maine Coon cat will become jealous if their owner is giving attention to anything else. They could become more jealous if there is a new pet in the home that is getting most of the attention since it is new.

The human mother having a baby is another trigger that will set off a jealous streak in your Maine Coon. This one is touchy since cats are already known as the ones who will go after the milk or formula on or near the baby. Personally, I guess I have been lucky. No cat I have owned has ever gone near the baby’s mouth or bottle. Matter of fact, the two cats were always very protective and cuddly with the new babies.

The human became married and brought a new spouse into the home. If the cat had his or her human all to itself for a lengthy period of time, he or she will become obviously jealous over a new person.

Trust me, it is not just the human that can trigger jealousy in your Maine Coon cat. Families that share space with one of these gorgeous beauties will find that almost anything that occupies your time can be a trigger. If your Maine Coon is close to the kids and they like to play video games, the Maine Coon will do what he or she needs to do to get the attention they seek.

If that means bumping the game controller, standing in front of the television screen, or even laying on top of a book or computer keyboard, your Maine Coon will not hesitate to do so.

The Love of a Cat

The Maine Coon is a very loving animal. They enjoy spending time with their owner and capturing all the attention the person is willing to give. As with other cats, the Maine Coon wants what it wants when it wants it. The Maine Coon would prefer if you would drop everything else and focus on them when they are ready for attention.

As one of the most loyal breeds of felines, this Maine Coon is very affectionate and enjoys giving their owner all the loyalty and love it can. It would seem hard to comprehend, but a Maine Coon is a very possessive cat. When they are feeling possessive over their owner or the family, they may begin spraying or mark the territory as theirs as a warning to other animals.

This would include marking you! They will rub their cheeks, paws and their body against you so that other animals know that you belong to them.

If jealousy becomes an extreme case, the Maine Coon, as well as other breeds, will start urinating on different objects or items in the home. This is the most common and obvious way they can warn other animals to back away and leave the area.

Signs of Possessiveness

When you adopt or buy a Maine Coon cat for your family, you may want to think of him or her as your Guard Cat. The Maine Coon will begin to act as though you are one of her babies. Considering that a Maine Coon cat has superb skills for survival, she will begin to act as such over you and other members of the family. This survival skill that they possess can even let them know if there is a possible danger around their owner and loved ones.

There are some signs to help you tell if you have one of these seriously protective Maine Coon cats at home. It would be wise to pay attention to your fluffy feline if you notice any or all of the following signs:

Constant meowing at you may mean they sense something. Just have a quick glance around, talk to your cat and ask what is going on. You may be surprised if the cat walks to an area as a way of telling you.

Constantly following you around the house. This can be annoying, especially if the cat weaves in and around your legs and feet. Try to remember they love you and are worried that something may happen if they do not watch out for you.

Growling! Yes, this cat does growl at items, other animals and even people. With their innate sense of survival, I would personally pay attention if the Maine Coon growls at strangers. A definite sign for most animals if they do not know or trust the person is to growl at them as a warning. Your Maine Coon will not hesitate to do just that. Again, just remind yourself that this Maine Coon loves you and wants to protect you.

Prevention and Assistance

So the question now is, ‘Can you do anything to stop or prevent this behavior?’ Believe it or not, just like you would have to train a dog, there are ways that you can assist your Maine Coon in not being jealous or possessive.

For one, begin with slow introductions. In other words, if it is possible, make a short visit at first with the new animal. This would be a time where they can start to get to know each other. Even with a new person, it is always a good idea to let them slowly get to know the person. I realize that may not be possible with a new family member that is human, but you can work on it by letting the cat sit next to you when you are pregnant.

The Maine Coon is an extremely intelligent animal and they will understand that there is a new person inside the belly. This way, when the baby comes home, the Maine Coon will already feel like they know this little human.

For most people, having a pet is like having another member of the family. They too want some attention. They enjoy spending quality time with their humans. Playtime is important for all humans and animals. There is more though, that can also help your Maine Coon cat.

When you continue to show them love and attention, at the same time as the new person or even new pet, this will let them know that you are not forgetting about them. When you can have a new pet and your Maine Coon together receiving the attention it is better for all involved.

Playing Favorites

Yes, it will be quite obvious that your Maine Coon has a favorite family member. This will likely be the first person who spent the time with them when they first arrived in the home. It could also be the person who feeds and grooms the Maine Coon.

Right from the start, your Maine Coon has already garnered a sense who they will love the most in the family, and it will be obvious. Do not get me wrong, they will certainly love everyone in the family, but their favorite will certainly receive more attention than the others.

When Does Jealousy Become An Issue?

Maine Coon cats can be considered the dogs of the cat world, they are also known to love routine. When there is something that disrupts that routine that they are so accustomed to, they do notice and it does affect them. Besides the methods mentioned earlier, there are other ways to help your Maine Coon cat accept the new person, new pet or new routine.

Be sure that they have a space that is all their own. For instance, my cat has a sofa pillow that is just hers. She will snub the dog if the black lab goes anywhere near that pillow. She makes it known it is her territory and the dog is not welcomed there.

It does not matter how much love is there between the two animals, or the cat and other people. Just as with humans, a Maine Coon likes some space, a location where they can be by themselves. If the new person or new pet tries to enter this area, the furry friend will not be a happy cat.

When it comes to routine, a Maine Coon prefers a life built on routine. If it is at all possible, stick to the same routine you had previously. If not possible, try to incorporate the new routine with the old routine. This will help your Maine Coon to adapt easier also.

Having a new baby can be a much different circumstance for everyone including your Maine Coon. If there was a certain time that you would always cuddle, play or snuggle with your favorite feline, try to maintain that same time. Cats, especially Maine Coons are creatures of habit and if you can stick to a routine with at least some similar times, the Maine Coon will soon adapt to the new ways set forth.