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Best Air Purifiers for Pet Urine Odors

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Who doesn’t like to keep pets? They are adorable best friends that we all need. Spending time with a pet and creating a bond is unique. Besides, taking them out for walks and playing with them is therapy itself. Keeping pets is easy, but there is one downside to it. The urine odor that spreads in your house and making it go away is a challenge.

Don’t worry, and now there are air purifiers available specially designed for pet urine odors. Spraying air refreshers in the entire house works, but the fragrance only lasts for a while. And who would spray every time?

That’s where the air purifier comes to use and doesn’t let you do anything. However, some factors should be understood before getting an air purifier for pet urine odor. First, it would help you decide the air purifier suitable for you.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier for Pet Urine Odor

Air Purifier

Every factor has its importance in making the right choice. For example, an air purifier is a technical appliance, so know all about it before choosing the right one.

  • Type of Air Purifier

An air purifier is an extensive market, and you can find thousands of various products. Different air purifiers are available, but other functions and options are also available.

Not only for pet odor but air purifiers that help for sinus and breathing issues are among the types. Therefore, before going for the air purifier, make sure you have the one for pet urine odors.

  • Functionality

To clean the air and eliminate the urine odor, you would need an air purifier that is strong and reliable enough. If you are looking for an air purifier with various functions and different settings, make sure to read about it very carefully.

  • Coverage Area

This is one of the essential features that you should look at. Various air purifiers cover a particular area. So, therefore, make sure to choose the air purifier that has a coverage area about the room you will put it in.

Knowing the coverage area of the air purifier will also help you learn about the effectiveness of the product. For example, if you are using an air purifier that covers around 200 sq. ft. and the room is 400 sq. ft. It won’t be of any use and would waste the power.

Therefore, don’t forget to be aware of the coverage of the air purifier you choose for our home to eliminate pet urine odor.

Top Best Air Purifiers for Pet Urine Odors

After extensive research, we have gathered some of the best air purifiers that you can choose from to eliminate pet urine odor. Every air purifier has different functions and settings. Therefore, choose the one that would be the best for you.

LEVOIT Core P350 Air Purifier

Air Purifier


  • Size: 8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 (inches)
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Coverage Area: 219 sq. ft.


Known for the best electronic appliances, LEVOIT is a well-established brand in the US. The LEVOIT Core P350 air purifier is one of the top seller products of the brand. Specially designed for pet odors, LEVOIT used some high tech in designing the P350.

Using an H13 True HEPA filter, the P350 eliminates the odor and other pollutants in the air with 99.97% efficiency. In addition, the custom high-efficiency and carbon filter ensure that the pet urine odor is eliminated. Not only that, but this air purifier also eliminates the litter box and other odors.

Other than pet urine odor, the P350 also works for any breathing or coughing difficulty faced by pet parents due to their pets. In addition, the H14 True HEPA air filtration also helps with sinus problems.

As previously mentioned, the P350 is specially designed for pets; there is an ion used to purify the air, preventing the pets from harmful exposure. On the other hand, a pet lock feature ensures that the setting isn’t changed if the pet or your child plays with it.  

Germ Guardian AC5250PT

air purifier


  • Size: 11 x 6.75 x 27.25 (inches)
  • Weight: 11.25 pounds
  • Coverage area: suitable for room up to 915 sq. ft.


Only available in charcoal grey, the 3-in-1 GermGuardian air purifier is perfect for your home. The multi-function air purifier is not only best for pet urine odors but serves many other purposes as well.

Besides the pet urine odor, the True HEPA air filter cleans the air from all pollutants, dust, and mold spores. To make it perfect for pet use, the GermGuardian added a pet pure filter. This antimicrobial agent in this filter ensures no mold growth or odor-causing bacteria on the filter.

The activated charcoal filter in the GermGuardian air purifier reduces pet odors, smoke, and other kitchen fumes. On the other hand, the pre-filter works best in trapping allergens. Large particles such as dust and pet hair are trapped by the pre-filter, which helps extend the life of the HEPA filter.

The built-in UV-C light is perfect for eliminating airborne viruses such as staph. Other than this, it works alongside titanium dioxide to reduce the volatile compounds.

Most of the air purifiers manufactured by the GermGuardian are of high standards and certified. Meeting all the quality standards, GermGuardian is a trusted air purifier brand by most Americans.

HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier HSP001

Air Purifier


  • Size: 13 x 7 x 20 (inches)
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Coverage Area: 700 sq. ft.


HATHASPACE, the trusted American brand, has introduced one of the best and top-quality air purifiers that works perfectly for pet urine and other odors. Other than this, the HSP001 serves many other purposes as well. Providing you with clean and safe air to breathe is the primary purpose.

The 5-in-1 filter system designed in the HSP001 is perfect to target dust, odors, pollen, and other pollutants. The H11 HEPA filter works at 99.9% efficiency to bring down particles to 0.3 microns.

This is one of the best smart air purifiers you can ever get. The AUTO mode of this air purifier automatically detects pollutants in the air and eliminates them quickly. In addition, the air quality level display is always on so you can be aware of the air you are breathing.

For odors, HATHSPACE has specially designed a honeycomb activated carbon filter. The filter absorbs odors and kitchen smoke in minutes. As a result, the HSP001 is known as an air cleaner and odor eliminator, a killer combination.

The ultrasonic operation of the HSP001 air purifier is best for your bedroom and to use during bedtime. Make sure to keep it in sleep mode before going to bed. Other than the features, HATHASPACE offers a 2-year warranty with the HSP001.

On the other hand, if you have any queries regarding the HSP001, feel free to contact their customer support. Their 7-day customer support is an award winner for being the best and most reliable.

PETNF 2021 Air Purifier

Air Purifiers


  • Size: 11 x 11 x 20.5 (inches)
  • Weight: 13.77 pounds
  • Coverage Area: 560 to 1200 sq. ft.


Specially designed for families with many pets, the PETNF air purifier is best to use if you are one of them. Having a 400CADR excellent performance, the PETNF air purifier is one of the top products in your house with big rooms.

The filters in PETNF are specially equipped with double carbon content. As a result, it picks up about 57.6% more pet hair than other air purifiers. The pretreatment air purifier system eliminates pet urine and other odors in just a few minutes, depending on the size of the room.

The PETNF air purifier is Wi-Fi remote controlled and compatible through their app. The app comes in handy when you want to walk into a fresh air house while you leave your work. It can also adapt to Alexa and Google Assistant.

On the other hand, the air purifier has a large LED display that makes it easier for you to identify the modes and make changes. Equipped with four wind modes, AUTO mode, and a sleep mode, the PETNF air purifier is user-friendly. Other than this, the timing function and filter life reminder ensure that the filter is healthy and up to date.

The child lock mode is available to ensure that all the keys are locked, and your child or pet can make no change. You can also set up timed appointments through the app so you wouldn’t have to worry about switching the air purifier on or off.

Final Words

Air Purifier

These we some of the air purifiers you can choose to eliminate pet urine odor and other pollutants. We hope this guide has helped you in making the right choice. All the products we have discussed our highly reviewed and widely trusted by pet parents.

Make sure to understand each product carefully and check the features. All the air purifiers mentioned offering something different. Therefore, gaining sufficient knowledge about the product would help you make the right choice.