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Best Automatic Cat Feeders on Amazon


Amazon is one of the most convenient ways to purchase almost anything these days, including the best automatic cat feeders for your furry friend (or baby).

Buying locally, you’re restricted to fewer choices, but with Amazon, you have a huge selection that will be delivered within 1-day most of the time.

Now the big question becomes which are the best automatic cat feeders on Amazon because there are so many to choose from. 

Follow along as I take you through the best available, so you don’t have to waste too much time.

Top 8 Automatic Cat Feeders On Amazon

1. PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

The PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder comes in a 4L or 6L option depending on how much food you need to store; it should last for 2-3 days before you need to refill even the 4L option.

There’s a simple LCD screen to set up the feeding schedule, and your preset amount of food should be released each time. It also comes with battery and wall power options so that if the power goes out, the batteries can keep your cat fed for as long as the batteries last.

The automatic cat feeder allows you to set between  1-4 automatic feeders per day and up to 9 portions served for each meal; each portion is 2.5tsp or 12.5ml. You also have a manual feed button.

You can also record a 10s message to your cat, so you can be part of the process and call your cat for its feeding each time. Your cat will keep associating you with food time, which is crucial to bonding.

The food is stored in a secure container and is held in a desiccant bag so that the kibble is dry and fresh, so you don’t need to worry about stale kibble for your cat.

A big downside of this cat feeder is that there is no Internet connection available, so you’re not able to see your cat live, control any feedings, or ensure it’s actually doing its job if you’re on vacation. A few reviewers out of hundreds indicated their feeder malfunctioned and didn’t dispense food.

Make sure you leave an alternative food supply that may be stale but will be an option if you’re gone for an extended period of time.

2. Flurff Automatic Cat Feeder

The Flurff automatic cat feeder comes in a 4L or 6L option. One of the best features is the WIFI connectivity to check in and ensure the feeder is working properly and even dispense a feeding manually yourself through the app.

You can set up a schedule of up to 10 meals per day, each meal can be set to up to 12 portions, and each portion is 10g of food. Food needs to be 2-10mm big, or there will be issues dispensing it.

To ensure good bonding with your cat, a 10s message can be recorded and played with every meal.

You can remove all components that hold or touch food for cleaning, and everything is freshness sealed, including a desiccant bag so that your cat always gets fresh food. The device also comes with two power supplies, batteries, and wall power so that your cat is always covered and fed.

It’s possible your cat could find a way to push the manual feeder, which some reviewers have indicated has happened, though this may be a problem for any automatic feeder with a manual feed button.

3. PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

This PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder comes in a 3L or 5L capacity, and you can get it in black or white. It provides a secure twist top lock so your cat can’t get in, and triple freshness seals, including a desiccant bag so that the food stays fresh for your cat.

The LCD screen allows you to program 1-6 feedings per day and up to 50 portions in each feeding, each portion is 20ml, and if needed, you can push the manual feed button.

You can also record a 10s voice message when the food is being dispensed so that your cat still associates your voice with being given food and keeps your bond strong.

You get dual power from the batteries and wall power supply so that if the power goes out, your automatic cat feeder will continue to work. You can also detach all components that touch food for a thorough cleaning, and everything is BPA free and safe for your pet.

Some reviewers have indicated that this automatic cat feeder can be challenging to program, either through complexity or a small LCD screen. It would be better to have an app that you can use to connect and program the device.

4. boqii Catlink Automatic Cat Feeder

The boqii Catlink automatic cat feeder is the most expensive option on this list and on Amazon; it has a 3.5L or 4.4L capacity, is WIFI enabled for remote control, and has a triple fresh seal lock to keep the food dry, secure, and fresh for (from) your cat.

This is a great option if you have multiple cats and want to ensure the right cat gets fed and somebody isn’t going hungry all the time. Your cats will need to wear a tag on their collars, and the boqii will be able to recognize which cat is approaching based on that. Three tags are included by default, and there are side panels that stop two cats from eating simultaneously, so there is no confusion.

You can use the mobile APP to check your cat’s health and eating habits, see what times they’re eating, how much, and check this data over 24 hours, 7 days, 12 months, etc. It’s a good helper if there is something wrong that you need to get addressed.

It comes with dual power, either connected to the wall or an included 10,000 mAh battery pack that will last for up to 1 month.

The downside for this automatic cat feeder is that it’s more about reporting and watching, rather than dispensing different amounts of food for different cats, so if you have an overweight cat and an underweight cat, you can’t modify how much food is dispensed for both.

5. Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera

The Iseebiz automatic cat feeder comes in a 3L capacity with WIFI enabled so you can control it via your phone. The best feature is a camera and 2-way audio to check on your cat as they’re eating or roaming around the house and even talk to them; many feeders seem to be missing this.

You can program up to 6 meals a day, with 1 – 20 portions of 5g each to match what you want your cat to be eating. It’s also got a dual power supply, either battery that will last for three months or connect it to the wall for continuous power.

Some reviewers of this product indicate the serving sizes can be on the small size, which is ok, but in some cases, the full serving isn’t released, and your cat may only get a few kibbles on that meal.

6. Casfuy Automatic Cat Feeders

The Casfuy automatic cat feeder is the most popular or well-reviewed feeder on Amazon; it comes in a 4L capacity with a large LCD screen to program and automate the feedings. In addition, you can leave a 10s voice message to play during feedings, so your cat remembers who the boss is.

You can program six meals each day, with portion sizes from 1 – 50, and each portion is 10g. It can accommodate kibble or freeze-dried food up to 18mm, which is larger than many other feeders on Amazon.

Power is via the wall or backup batteries that can last for up to 3 months. All food components can be detached for easy washing and sanitizing.

One of the downsides with this automatic cat feeder is that if you put much smaller kibble portions in, such as 5mm, it could be dispensing too much in a single round for your cat, especially a smaller cat. So it may be a better option for bigger cats eating larger kibble or freeze-dried food.

7. WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder

The WOPET automatic cat feeder comes in 4L capacity in grey or white, which look unsurprisingly similar. It’s WIFI enabled to control and set everything up on your phone, you’ll be alerted when food is running low, and you can track to make sure that food is being dispensed.

You can automate 15 meals a day, each meal can be 1-20 servings, and each serving is 9g and the kibble used should be between 2-15mm, which is a good variety of size, especially on the upper end, many cat feeders max out at 10mm sizing.

The food is kept fresh through the locking top, twisting feeding tube, and a desiccant bag that holds all the food. Your cat will appreciate fresh food while you’re away, and you can record a 10s message to call your cat when it’s feeding time.

The biggest downside for the price, there is no video or two-way audio, which is unfortunate for a mobile-controlled device.

8. WellToBe Automatic Cat Feeder

WellToBe’s automatic cat feeder comes in a 7L capacity which is large than many of the options on the list, so it will keep feeding your pet for longer. It also comes with a food splitter to dispense between two bowls for two cats, which can avoid some fighting.

You can automate six meals per day of 1 – 48 servings, with each serving being 12g, and kibble can be up to 20mm, which is well beyond what cat feeders offer, so this is ideal if you want to feed bigger kibble or freeze-dried food to your cat.

The automatic cat feeder also lets you record a 10s message to call your pet when it’s feeding time so that your bond stays strong even when you’re away.

The two downsides with this cat feeder are that a recording is forced, so you need to hear something, or it won’t work; dead air is fine, but many people may be suffering hearing their own recording at 6 am wake them up. It also has no remote control via a mobile phone, so you can’t check in or modify anything remotely.