How High Can Maine Coon Cats Jump?

Maine Coon Jump

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated feline in the world. The Maine Coon was developed from one of the semi-wild felines that are superb at jumping and for their hunting skills.  The Maine Coon may not be seen jumping as often as many other domesticated breeds, however, this does not mean that he or she is unable to jump.

The Maine Coon has legs that are very muscular and sturdy. This means that they have some extreme ability in their legs to push off when jumping.

The breed that the Maine Coon is derived from had to use this physical power in order to survive in the wild.

This extreme power in the legs enabled the animal to jump high and for greater distances when hunting.

Can A Maine Coon Jump?

Maine Coon Jump

Reaching a weight of up to 25 pounds, it may seem surprising that this feisty feline can jump. According to folklore, the Maine Coon is related to the Norwegian Forest Cat, and this may be how they inherited the uncanny ability to jump the way they do. Let’s be perfectly clear though, we may never know the exact lineage of the Maine Coon Cat.

With the Maine Coon being so large, it is easily understood how so many think that the Maine Coon does not have the ability to jump. There is no research or proof that states or shows that a Maine Coon cannot jump just as well as any other domesticated cat.

The Maine Coon has a few biological features that allow the Maine Coon to have powerful bursts that allow them to jump so high. It is believed that the Maine Coon is able to jump so high due to a flexible spine, strong back legs and also strong back muscles.

Does A Maine Coon Like To Jump?

Maine Coon Jump

A Maine Coon, although as large as it can be, is actually a very graceful jumper. This does not mean that jumping is one of their favourite activities. The Maine Coon is quite smart and logical. Since they love to rest in higher spaces, they will take a simpler route to get to the top.

This means rather than making it in one swift move, the Maine Coon is going to use short jumps if possible to get where it wants to go. This can easily be compared to humans who believe in multi-tasking to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Maine Coon Jump

There are actually some breeders who ask the new owners to sign an agreement that states they will keep their Maine Coon cat indoors. These contracts may be required by many of the United States Registered Breeders.

Since the Maine Coon can be an expensive breed, this is done to keep the Maine Coon away from traffic, poisons in the form of pesticides in neighbouring gardens, and also away from the criminal type of person who thrives off the theft of Purebred animals.

Many of these same breeders will request permission to investigate the windows and gardens of the prospective buyer’s home and property. This is actually done for the sake of the owner and the cat. The breeder is trying to be sure that the person adopting or purchasing the Maine Coon actually understands the worth, and also the type of care needed as an owner of a Maine Coon.

At the same time, it is a given that cat proofing your property may not look pretty, it is a necessity to prevent the curious Maine Coon from escaping and venturing out to discover where the noise or scents are coming from.

Simply stated, even if you intend to keep your Maine Coon indoors, you should cat-proof your yard just in case the cat is able to sneak outdoors. This prevents any mishaps, accidents, thefts or possible deaths of the Maine Coon.

Why Do Maine Coons Jump?

Maine Coon Jump

Besides the fact that a Maine Coon is a cat, there are four main reasons why a Maine Coon cat will jump. The majority of felines will jump for the same reasons.


This cat is highly energetic and does enjoy playing. The Maine Coon will likely remain playful long into its Senior years. As an indoor cat, one of the best games you could play with your Maine Coon is to grab a laser penlight and get the cat jumping and moving while chasing this tiny light around.

This will also help keep your Maine Coon from becoming obese. Maine Coon cats are prone to obesity, so if you can spend some time playing with your Maine Coon in a manner that does not seem like exercise why not do so. It is a great health benefit for the feisty and furry feline.


Maine Coon cats are inquisitive and highly intelligent. If they decide they are going to find a way to get outside to investigate, they are going to succeed. This is why it is so important to cat-proof your garden areas and keep your furry friend safe.


It is a basic instinct for a cat to hunt. This goes back many generations. This breed was bred to survive in the harsh winters and coldest temperatures. Due to their innate hunting skills, a Maine Coon will jump when they are about to catch their prey. This is what has required all these previous generations and is not an instinct that will leave the cat.

Obviously, today’s Maine Coons do not need to hunt for their prey and be able to eat, they are still known for their extraordinary hunting and jumping skills.

Above and Beyond Heights

Many owners have had those moments when they freak out thinking that the cat has escaped and found a way to get outside and run. Yet, many of those owners once they begin looking around, will find that their Maine Coon has managed to get up on cupboards or stands so high that they did not notice them at first.

The reason that the Maine Coon and other domesticated felines like to sit up high is so that they can watch the world go by and keep an eye on all things. Being up so high also makes them feel safe from any other animal or activity.

Some Maine Coons Can’t Jump

Maine Coon Jump

There are some Maine Coons and other felines who are just not able to jump. This could be for one of a few reasons. These reasons include hip dysplasia, Spinal Muscular Atrophy or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Hip Dysplasia is a condition that Maine Coons are prone to due to their large size. Arthritis is very common when a Maine Coon has Hip Dysplasia.  In very rare cases, this condition can cause paralysis.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a hereditary genetic disease. The cat will lose neurons in the lower spine causing the cat to lose stability in the legs. This loss of stability is a constant deterioration factor and will become permanent.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy happens when the heart wall begins to thicken. Roughly 30% of Maine Coon Cats will inherit this condition.

How High Can A Maine Coon Jump?

Maine Coon Jump

From a standing position, the Maine Coon cat is able to leap or jump 4 to 6 feet off the ground. There are some Maine Coons, I am sure, that are quite capable of jumping up to 8 feet off the ground. There are owners who will claim that their Maine Coon can jump 8 feet or more in the air. Take this with a grain of salt. It is possible, but not likely for a height of 8 feet.

Most owners of Maine Coons will tell you that they have not noticed any difference between Maine Coon cats and other domesticated cats when it comes to jumping.

When it comes to jumping from one surface to another, the Maine Coon, as well as many other domesticated cats, will be able to leap 6 to 7 feet. You are more likely to witness a Maine Coon perform this type of jump versus a height jump.

Trees and Agility

Maine Coon Jump

When it comes to trees and your Maine Coon’s ability to jump, this is where you will see the talent and the power. Most often you will watch the Maine Coon take a running leap towards the tree and actually land roughly 3 to 4 feet up the tree trunk. Some Maine Coons  will actually leap up to 6 feet up the trunk.

From there the Maine Coon will scramble up the tree with lightning speed. This agility is due to the Maine Coon Spine. The spine of a Maine Coon can rotate much more than other domesticated cats. Summing it up, your Maine Coon is agile and definitely has the ability to jump. He or she can actually jump 4 to 6 feet, with some Maine Coons able to jump higher. Their agility is due to the spine which is able to rotate more than other domesticated cats’ spines.

Allowing a Maine Coon cat outdoors is never a safe bet. They are naturally curious and highly intelligent. This means that they can figure out ways to get past the catproofing if they have a desire to do so.