Is the Lion Cut a Good Grooming Choice for my Maine Coon Cat?

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Maine Coon cat owners all over love their luxurious coat. The furs of these well-loved felines are so thick and beautiful. Adult Maine Coon cats actually have three coat layers. The guard hair which is the outer layer is usually coarser. It protects them from the elements like snow or water. Then you have two layers of undercoat which may be softer. The Maine Coon cat’s undercoat may not be as dense as other long haired cat breeds but it still tends to get thicker during winter. The undercoat keeps the Maine Coon cat warm during those long and cold winter days.

Maine Coon cats are New Englanders. Their long and silky fur is thick because they are built to last through harsh winters. Maine Coon cats really look like they are dressed for winter. However, when the weather gets warmer especially during the summer, they may shed some (or a lot) of those hairs off. No worries though, because your Maine Coon cat will grow those hairs right back in time for the next winter.


Just like any other long-haired cats, Maine Coon cats should be groomed regularly. However, due to the type and density of their fur, it is relatively easier to groom Maine Coons than other breeds. It doesn’t mean though that you can slack off when it comes to grooming. Their silky fur can still become prone to matting if you don’t take proper care of it.

There are several things involved in the proper care of a Maine Coon cat’s coat. It’s not just limited to brushing their coats regularly. Aside from brushing their fur to prevent matting, their diet also plays a significant role in the overall health of their coat. A diet with a good amount of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 will help ensure that their coats stay healthy and silky. A well-balanced diet, along with regular coat care like bathing and brushing will keep a Maine Coon cat’s coat tangle and mat-free.

Coat Care during Warmer Months

One thing to note about having Maine Coon cats is that they can shed. With all that fur, it is not surprising to note that they can also possibly shed a lot. Still, some owners might wonder if all that fur might not be too warm for a Maine Coon especially during the summer. Maine Coon cats are well loved all over the world. Some of them live in warmer climates. As part of grooming, some owners would want to book a grooming session and bring their Maine Coons in for a haircut.

Although most would be getting a trim, there are some owners who might prefer giving their Maine Coon cats a cut style that won’t grow back too fast. Nowadays, cat grooming services already offer several styles of cuts that you can choose from. The styles you choose may be because of its overall look or the current needs of your cat’s fur condition.

Should I get a lion cut for my Maine Coon cat?

Some cat grooming salons offer the lion cut. Basically, the groomer will shave the cat’s fur except for areas of the head and neck, tail and feet. The style will give your cat an overlook look resembling a lion. Since the fur is shaved and not just cut or trimmed, it will grow back longer that your regular trimming.

While some vets recommend the lion cut for instances of heavy matting, there are some who advise against it. Some people feel that shaving makes cats feel uncomfortable. Others believe that shaving can compromise the quality of your Maine Coon’s coat and won’t be the same again. Still, some argue that it’s a good choice to get rid of matting. But there are those that would say the cat looks silly afterward. If you do decide to bring your Maine Coon cat to a groomer for a lion cut, you can talk to your vet about it and weigh your options. However, be it a lion cut or any other style, make sure you choose a great grooming facility that has your beloved Maine Coon cat’s welfare in mind.

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