The Maine Coon Charm: How much will it cost to bring one home?

Maine Coon kittens

The charm of Maine Coon cats has been well established by now among cat lovers and breeders. Based on registration totals from January to December, the Maine Coon is third among the Top 10 Cat Breeds of 2015.  

What do Maine Coon cats look like and how much do they typically cost?

Gentle Giants

Maine Coon cats have a very distinct appearance. For one, they are among the largest of domesticated cat breeds. They get so long and big, Maine Coons have been awarded World Records for being the longest cat a couple of times!

Luscious Fur in a Variety of Colors and Patterns

Aside from being enormous, Maine Coon cats get their magnificent look due to their luscious fur. They are covered by a three layered coat consisting of two undercoats and one guard coat. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns. The most common or familiar Maine Coon color and pattern is the brown or brown classic tabby. Also common is the mackerel tabby Maine Coon.

But Maine Coons don’t just come in the tabby pattern. There are also Maine Coons in a tortie or torbie patterns. A Tortie Maine Coon would have a base of black fur with color patches that can be in the red or cream variety. Meanwhile, a Torbie Maine Coon is very similar to a tortie but would have some stripes like a tabby. So a Torbie is somewhat like a tortie-tabby.

Maine Coon cats can also come in solid colors like white, cream, black, red or even blue. There are also Smoke Maine Coons with furs that look solid but would actually have a lighter undercoat. Some Maine Coons are bi-colored with white fur on the chest and stomach area and white paws.

Big and muscular

With their size, also comes their strong and muscular build. Maine Coon cats typically have a rectangular build. Their head has a squarish outline, followed by a broad chest and a long rectangular body. Hiding behind their majestic looking fur is a solid bone structure which is really important since Maine Coon cats are known to get really huge.

Distinct traits

Maine Coon cats are also well known for their tufted ears and paws. The tufts of hair on their ear gave rise to one of their origin myths of being related to bobcats. Their thick, tufted paws act like snowshoes and help them move easily on snow. Another distinctive Maine Coon trait is the way that their fur is much longer around the neck forming a ruff that helps keep them warm. In a similar way, their tail is long and bushy, a trait that had some people speculating their connection to raccoons. All these features not only add to the Maine Coon cat’s charm, but also equips it for the harsh New England winter.

How much does a Maine Coon cat typically cost?

As mentioned, Maine Coon cats are among the most popular domestic cat breeds. So how much does it cost to have one? Well, the price of Maine Coon kitten can vary. It can get expensive because breeders usually spend a lot to keep the adult cats healthy. The breeders incur a lot of expenses for regular visits to the vet and high quality cat food. The kittens would also need shots and care before being rehomed and this understandably costs a lot too. An interested Maine Coon owner can expect to pay around $400-$1,000. Also put into consideration costs for neutering or spaying.

For Maine Coon cat enthusiasts, the cost for buying and caring for Maine Coons can get expensive but their cats’ loyalty, affection and irresistible charm are definitely priceless.

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