Maine Coon Magic: What is so special about Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular breeds of domestic cats for years. It’s an acclaim that they have held for a long time now. They continue to be among the top choices for cat lovers, owners and breeders. Surely, Maine Coon cats are one of the most well-loved cats!

But what is it about Maine Coon cats that make them so lovable? Why have they caught the hearts of so many enthusiasts? Is it their humongous size that makes them so adorable? Is it their magnificent fur that gives them the appearance of being dressed for winter? While both these things do make Maine Coon cats stand out, these are not the only reasons that has made Maine Coon cats such beloved cats all over the world.

What is so special about Maine Coon cats?

It’s true that the size of Maine Coon cats has contributed to its overall popularity. They are one of the largest, if not the largest, breed of domesticated cats, They can get so big that several Maine Coon cats have received recognition for their size. The size of Maine Coon cats has earned them the nickname “gentle giants.” Maine Coon cats are giants in size; but they are also giants in personality. They are such loving cats; hence the ‘gentle’ in “gentle giant.” They are very friendly and they love company.

Ready to Play

Maine Coon cats, especially the male ones, are naturally very playful cats. They love a good play/bonding session with their owners. Playing also gives them a great outlet for their inherent mousing skills. They are great mousers; but since they don’t have that need to hunt anymore, their active games allow them to use up that happy energy.

They’ve got the smarts

Maine Coon cats are a smart breed of cats. A lot of owners have been successful in training their Maine Coon and teaching them tricks.


A lot of people has called Maine Coon cats dog-like. Another nickname that they have is “dogs of the cat world.” It may be because they often exhibit qualities that people identify to dogs. Aside from being a loyal breed who can get very affectionate with their owners and families,they also enjoy your company. A Maine Coon cat would love doing things with you or to be beside you for company when you’re doing something. While they wouldn’t exactly be lap cats (they might be too big for that), they would often just be nearby ready for a petting or an occasional snuggle.

They love to chat

One of the most remarkable things about Maine Coon cats is that they can be vocal cats. It’s not so much about meowing. But owners find their distinct chirping and trilling sounds too cute and adorable. It’s almost as if they are telling you about their day.

Special and Unique

If you ask a Maine Coon cat owner what makes their Maine Coon cat special, they may give a variety of answers similar to what are mentioned here. They may even mention a few or all of these things. However, aside from different breeds being unique from one another, individual cats are also unique in their own way. Some Maine Coon cats might be a few or all of these things. But cats also learn a lot through observation. And as unique as they are, some of their owners’ unique and quirky personalities may also enhance their already fascinating personalities.