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Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds


While dogs have been given the honorific of “Man’s Best Friend,” cats are perhaps the most luxurious and mysterious of the common domesticated house pets. They can be aloof at times and very affectionate with others. Cat-lovers know the many facets of the feline persona and we adore them all. We even dress and put on accessories like collars to them. And, even though we feed all the neighborhood strays, the ones we see outside at work, and even some of our friends’ cats. We just can’t get enough!

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in popularity of pet-related industries and, with this, a rise in the willingness of pet owners to shell out the dough for more and more exotic breeds. Wealthier cat owners put their money where their hearts are in their search for the best furry companion. In honor of these prestigious feline fans, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive cat breeds.

most expensive cat breeds

Countdown to the Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

10) British Shorthair

Taking the tenth spot on our list is the British Shorthair. Ranging in cost from $500-1,500, the British Shorthair is characterized as sociable and affectionate. Most owners would say they are more mellow than other cats and tend to form strong attachments to their humans. A major positive for the cat owner who just can’t have too many is that this breed typically gets along with other fur babies in the house. Regrettably, they do not like to be carried and prefer to move about freely.

As a mainstay in cat shows, this noble breed traces its lineage to the domestic cats of the Roman Empire, prized as brilliant hunters. The modern British Shorthair may be a bit lazier than their Roman ancestors, but that just makes them more suitable for their modern owners. Commonly known for their amber-colored eyes and silky, blue-gray coats, these cats are worth every penny.

9) Scottish Fold

Rising one step up the list, at number nine, we find the Scottish Fold. These adorable little kitties are known for their cute turned-down or “folded” ears. With an average price tag of upwards of $3,000, the Scottish Fold is a breed like none other. These loyal and lovable cats originated on a farm in Tayside, Scotland in the 1960s. Bred specifically for their folded ear characteristic. Scottish Folds energetic, happy, and lovable cats that love to be pampered and showered with attention.

Cat-lovers of Instagram and Taylor Swift fans will be familiar with their adorable turned-down ears and loving spirit. We would be remiss if we did offer one warning to the would-be Scottish Fold owner and that is that they often suffer from degenerative joint tissue which may add higher vet fees but if you can afford the $3,000 initial purchase fee, doesn’t your precious friend deserve the care?

8) Sphynx

Next up on our countdown, taking the eighth spot is the Sphynx. With a similar price tag to the Scottish Fold of about $3,000, the Sphynx is an incredibly unique-looking and recognizable breed of cat. Their hairless appearance sets them apart from nearly all other varieties. The Sphynx’s hairlessness makes it an ideal choice for cat-lovers who suffer from allergies. It is worth noting that these cats need a bit more care and attention than their human counterparts, especially in the winter months.

However, a little kitty sweater or perhaps a sunburn is about as bad as it gets. The Sphynx is of healthy stock and is typically resilient to the most serious genetic/health issues that other breeds tend to struggle with. Personality-wise, these cats are loving and loyal, they enjoy playing with others and love attention. It may be that they’re just seeking the body heat of others, but we’ll take all the snuggles we can get, me-ow!

7) Russian Blue

In seventh place, we’ve got the Russian Blue. Much like other “blue” animal varieties, these kitties aren’t blue but have a more silvery color that, in the right light, can appear bluish. Known for their silky, smooth fur and beautiful eyes, the Russian Blue has grown to be an incredibly sought-after cat.

Like the other breeds on this list, these cats are prized for their loyalty but also their intelligence which enables them to quickly adapt to their owner’s mood. While they are typically more sociable than other breeds, they can be a bit standoffish with strangers, which is understandable. With a price tag of approximately $3,000, you may think they are finicky or need a lot of care, but the Russian Blue tends to be solitary and can fend for themselves.

6) Peterbald

Coming in at number 6, the Peterbald, similar in appearance to the Sphynx, raises the stakes with an average price of around $5,000. The Peterbald, also hailing from Russia, is an extremely adventurous, curious, and intelligent cat. Though they appear hairless, at first glance, they have very fine “peach-fuzz” like coats covering their entire bodies.

As an adventurous breed, the Peterbald tends to make friends with other pets quite easily which makes them a wonderful household or family pet. Much like the Sphynx, these cats may also have a tendency to sunburn if left out in the sun for too long.

5) Persian

most expensive cat breeds

At number five, we have the ancient and noble Persian. Such a unique and famous variety of cat that finds its history and name in the great Persian empire. These cats have long been associated with high pedigree and for good reason. Their long coats make them a bit more high maintenance than their short-haired cousins.

With an average cost rising to $5,500, the Persian is luxurious and refined. They come in all different colors from alabaster white to smokey gray and everything in between. It is their slightly flat faces and dazzling eyes that make them a standout in the cat world and as such they are often seen in shows.

4) Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat

Ringing up at a cool $6,000, the Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat swings into the number 4 spot. While their general appearance may not make them a standout in the cat world, what is unique about these boutique kitties is their specialized breeding. Engineered to be non-allergenic through the process of disabling certain genes known to produce allergic effects in humans, the Allerca is perfect for those who suffer from the thing they love most. Their rare genetic make-up may be what makes these cats so expensive, but their energetic and fun-loving nature is what makes them good pets.

Disclaimer: From this point on, the prices tend to go beyond what the average person can afford, but they’re so worth it!

3) Bengal

Okay, the first of our top 3 heavy-hitters has a price ranging from $10,000-25,000. At number three is the Bengal. These glorious felines are known for their striking leopard-like spots, they are, in fact, a cross-breed between the Bengal Snow-Leopard and the domestic cat.

For the exotic pet lover in all of us, these hybrids are very alluring. Their greatest quality may also be their greatest drawback, their wild nature makes them highly active and need a high level of play. These cats are well-suited as indoor-outdoor cats and are not the best breed for those living in small urban apartments as they need room to move.

2) Savannah

At number two, we have the Savannah, another hybrid breed that is a mix of the African Serval and the Persian housecat. These beauties have an insane price tag of up to $50,000. As an exotic cat breed, their price is determined by the level of Serval genes they possess and are classified as F1 to F5.

The F1 possessing the highest concentration of Serval genes at 50% and taking the top price. Their large size and personality make them more like dogs than cats, with that you can expect a lot of playfulness and intelligence. The Savannah is intensely loyal to its owner and needs to be socialized with strangers from a young age, otherwise, they may react poorly to new faces.

1) Ashera

most expensive cat breeds

Finally, in the number one slot as the most expensive breed of “domestic” cat, is the Ashera. Majestic and magical, these massive housecats can fetch a price ranging from $100,000-150,000. Like the number two Savannah, the Ashera is also a hybridized breed that mixes the African Serval with the domestic house cat but also includes the Asian Leopard Cat and is bred to have the best characteristics of each.

Beautiful, affectionate, loyal, and intelligent, the Ashera is a wonderful companion. There is some speculation in the exotic cat market as to whether the Ashera is just a trumped-up F1 Savannah with an elevated price, but with that $150,000 price tag, they’re so rare that we may never know.

The Wrap-Up

Let’s review, we all know that cats are precious pets and in some rare cases can hold a price tag to match. The top 10 most expensive cats in the world share many similar characteristics such as loyalty, playfulness, and intelligence. There’s a reason why these cats are held in such high esteem, and if you’re looking for a pet that will wow your Insta fans or just a furry friend to share your evenings with, you can’t go wrong with any of these fantastic felines.