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Tumbleweeds of Hairballs in my Living Room? Shedding in Maine Coon Cats

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One of the most charming things about Maine Coon cats is their long and luscious coats. Their thick coats consist of two undercoats and one guard coat. The fur of Maine Coon cats are especially helpful for these New England cats. It helps keep them warm during Maine’s harsh winters.

Their fur also gets longer around the neck and tail area. Because of the ruff and their bushy tail, a lot would say that Maine Coons are dressed for winter. Maine Coons look majestic because of their beautiful coats. But with all these fur, one thing that you would probably think about is shedding.


It’s normal for cats to shed. It is how they lose dead hair naturally. There may be seasons when they don’t shed too much but you can’t really stop them from shedding. It’s part of having pets in the house. Normally, if there are no health concerns related to your cat’s shedding, all you have to do is vacuum regularly.

Do Maine Coon cats shed hair?

Just like other cats, Maine Coon cats do shed hair. And since they have so much fur, you can expect a bit more shedding. Some Maine Coon cats shed often. It helps to brush them regularly to prevent matting and too much hairballs. There are some people who opt to use deshedding tools to combat the shedding.

How much hair do Maine Coon cats shed?

Not all Maine Coon cats shed heavily. It may have something to do with their coats. Some owners find that they always have to take care of furballs around the house. For some, it’s not too much of a problem. Maine Coon cats who have fluffier coats might probably shed more than those that have silkier textured coats. This is where coat care comes in. Sometimes, the amount of shedding might have something to do with the condition of a Maine Coon cat’s coat.

Should you be concerned of your Maine Coon cat’s shedding?

While shedding is a totally normal of a cat’s life, there is such a thing as excessive shedding. You should make sure that your Maine Coon cat is not losing way too much hair. Not all cats’ shedding patterns are the same. Some shed seasonally while some shed all year round. One way to tell if your cat is shedding excessively is if it seems that your Maine Coon is coughing up or vomiting way too much hairballs. If you can see some bald patches or if there is some redness on the skin under their coats, it will be best to take your cat to the vet for evaluation.

Here are some reasons or causes of too much shedding:

  • Allergies
  • Poor diet
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Fleas
  • Stress

There may be other factors. But if you feel that your Maine Coon is losing an abnormal amount of hair, then it’s better to schedule a visit to the vet. They say, though, that prevention is better than cure. So as cat owners, regular grooming should always be observed; especially for a long-haired breed such as the Maine Coon.

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