What Are the Best Maine Coon Grooming Tools?

An Orange Maine Coon

Maine Coons are the “dogs of the cat world”, and just like real canines, they need to be groomed. All that hair can be a lot for a cat to manage on their own. Making the grooming routine easy on everyone will make grooming time fun time for you and your cat.

Choosing the right tools can make grooming a breeze.

Soft Bristle Cat Brush

You can buy a soft bristle cat brush in most pet supply stores. Many of these brushes have two sides one to brush and one that will comb out any mats. Brushing and combing is a very important part of Maine Coon cat ownership essentials.


Yes, you read that right! You need a toothbrush for your cat. Good grooming habits include brushing the teeth to get rid of any tartar build up.  Cats (all breeds) are prone to tooth decay and dental infections regularly brushing teeth two to three times a week will help to prevent cavities and bigger problems.

You can purchase a toothbrush and cat toothpaste for less than ten dollars! The toothpaste is flavorful enough for the cat to tolerate the event well.

Nail Clippers

Keeping your cat’s claws trim can help to save your furniture, curtains, and carpets. It is a humane option to having the cat de-clawed. Even if you have scratching posts for your cat you will still likely need to trim things up once in awhile.

Fine Tooth Comb

You will need a fine tooth comb (a flea comb will work well) to keep on hand to work out any mats that form and to use as a guard should you have to cut any mats out. A fine tooth comb is also a good option for combing behind the ears where mats tend to form.

Cat Wipes/Sprays/Shampoos

While some cats will get used to being bathed some will not. For those that don’t mind the occasional bath you will need specialized cat shampoo since cats are constantly self-grooming you want to be sure that what you use to wash them with is non-toxic should there be any residue left behind. For those that just can’t do the bath thing, there are cat wipes that will freshen them up nicely. Sprays can also be used for bathing purposes. Be sure that anything you purchase to clean your cat with says plainly “cat safe” or “formulated for cats”.

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