The Unique Charm of Maine Coon Cats; What Sets Them Apart from other Cats

“SNOW DAY 033” by taz + belly is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Feline lovers all over the world are endeared to cats for so many different reasons. Cats are just so baby-like both in appearance and gestures that they have the ability to reduce us into swooning for their cute antics. They are naturally curious; and although we say “curiosity killed the cat,” their faces when their attention is piqued by something are just too adorable for cat owners.

When it comes to appearance, then there isn’t any cat lover who would not gush about the very expressive eyes of cats. The “cat’s eyes” is a major factor of the feline charm. With their eyes, they speak to their owners about a wide range of requests, emotions and adoration. It is most definitely hard to resist a cat who gives you that certain “look.”

With all these lovable feline traits and more, the Maine Coon has remained to be one of the most popular domestic cat breeds. So we ask, what makes a Maine Coon cat unique from other cats?

What’s the difference between a Maine Coon Cat and a regular cat?

The most obvious trait that makes a Maine Coon cat stand out from regular cats is its size. Maine Coon cats are just generally large with males weighing around 15-25 pounds. However, there are some that grow even larger! Let’s not forget Stewie, who used to hold the record for World’s Longest Cat. He measured at around 48.5 inches long! More recently, another supersized Maine Coon, Ludo, which currently owns this same record, is just around 2 inches shy of Stewie’s record-breaking length. Clearly, Maine Coon cats haven’t earned the nickname “gentle giants” for nothing!

It’s not just the size.

Although their size definitely makes Maine Coon cats distinguishable, it’s not just all about their size as there are other large breeds of domestic cats as well. So what else makes them different? Apart from their size, Maine Coon cats usually have a strong muscular build. Because of this, they typically tend to have a rectangular shape instead of the elongated, more oblong shape of the more delicate and sleek breeds.

They are dressed for the occasion.

Maine Coons are also well known for their rich, luxurious coats. They have these silky, shaggy coats that are typically longer around the neck. This area by the ruff gives them a very regal, lion-like appearance. While this mane adds to their majestic look, this is actually helpful to keep them warm during the cold winter months of Northeast America.

In similar fashion, the tails of Maine Coon cats are long and covered in thick fur. Because of its thickness and the way that Coon’s fur is covering the tail, some would even liken it to a feather duster!

They are big balls of personality.

Maine Coons are usually very curious and playful. These endearing traits may be attributed to their mouser cat genes. Even though they don’t need to hunt mice anymore, most of them still possess that natural flair for running after and catching even if it’s just your ball of yarn or your moving toes.

For cat lovers, all cats are beautiful and special. But for Maine Coon fans, owners and lovers, the charm and uniqueness of these gentle giants are especially what makes them one of the most popular cat breeds not just in the United States, but all over the world.

“SNOW DAY 033” by taz + belly is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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