Who’s the Bigger Snow Giant? Maine Coon vs. Siberian

Maine Coon x Siberian

One of the most well known characteristics of Maine Coon cats is their size. They are so enormous that some people liken them to mini lions. Maine Coon cats look so regal; they even have a mane. Maine Coons are among the most popular of domesticated cat breeds. They have been in the Top Three for several years!

But aside from Maine Coon cats, there is also another popular and well-loved large breed of cats. Siberian cats of Russia share several similarities with Maine Coons. Aside from being huge cats with long thick coats, they both come from similar weather conditions. Maine Coon cats hail from the Northeasternmost state and have to live through New England winter. Meanwhile, Siberian cats also live through the extreme weather of Siberia.


Because of these weather conditions that these two cat breeds are made for, they both have long, thick fur. The coats of Maine Coon cats and Siberian cats help keep them warm for winter. A Siberian cat’s triple coat is very dense. But it usually sheds in the spring or autumn, and goes back full fluff for winter. A Maine Coon cat also has a luscious coat and bushy tail with some shedding year round. It may be due to their water-resistant coats that both these cats don’t mind the water. They might even like splashing about!

Both of these cats are very affectionate. They love spending time with their owners, giving and getting affection. They are both playful felines who enjoy games of catch. Both the Maine Coon and the Siberian are intelligent cat breeds. People have likened them both to dogs because of their loyal and affectionate nature. Maine Coon cats learn tricks relatively easily and Siberian cats tend to come when called.

Which cat is bigger a Maine Coon or Siberian?

The Maine Coon and Siberian cats are both enormous cats. Maine Coon male cats, however, grow to around 15-25 pounds. Some get even larger. A couple of Maine Coon cats have earned the title for longest cat in the world. Female Maine Coons are a bit smaller at around 10-15 pounds. These beloved gentle giants always rank as one of the largest, usually just behind the Savannah cat.

The Siberian cat is a medium to large sized cat with males weighing around 10-17 pounds or more. Although Siberian cats are also muscular and strong like Maine Coon cats, their bodies tend to be more rounded. You might notice a slight arch to their backs. This is because they have slightly longer hind legs which make them very agile. Longer hind legs help Siberian cats to be excellent jumpers. A Maine Coon cat’s body is more rectangular in shape. But both of them have robust bone structures to support their muscular bodies.

Similar but still unique

Siberian cats may possibly be great cats for people with allergies. There are some people who love cats but unfortunately can’t take care of one because of their allergies. Although it is not yet proven scientifically, some believe that Siberian cats are hypoallergenic. Breeders and some owners claim that they are safe for those with allergies because they have lower levels of FelD1. FelD1 is an allergen that is transferred to a cat’s coat from their saliva.

Both the Maine Coon and Siberian cats are lovable. They may have a lot of similarities but both of them are still stars in their own right.


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