Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive?


The Maine Coon adapts perfectly to any environment, so admirers of this breed have given them several nicknames associated with their personality traits. They are called “gentle giants” and “dogs of the cat world”.

“These cats are gaining popularity, especially fostered by their impressive looks and long coat. Considering this breed, you will want to learn all about the fantastic Maine Coon cats!”

Origin and History


The Maine Coon cat is believed to be the only long-haired breed native to the United States. The species was likely introduced by sailors who sailed to New England. The cats that sailed with them on the ships left permanently or just for small shore leave and reproduced with existing native cats, which eventually led to the creation of the new breed.

The Majkun also has an extensive show career that began in New York in 1895, when the prize for best cat went to a brindle Maine Coon cat. He continued to win at cat shows in Boston until 1900, when he was defeated by his own descendant.



Maine Coon cats are medium to large in size. This cat is classified as a semi-longhaired breed of oriental type. As an adult, they can weigh from 7 to 10 kilograms, but even 13-kilogram males of this breed are not uncommon. You may have heard of several-kilogram giants, but any Majkun that reaches this size is probably grossly overweight.

The body and tail are long, making it look much larger than it is. The Majkun is a heavily muscled cat. They were originally outdoor cats and later became a working breed that guarded the barn and house away from rodents.

The head is large with high, pointed ears. Its tail is fluffy, ending in distinctive feathers. The profile shows a slight hollow under the large, almond-shaped eyes. The chest is broad, and the legs are thick and massive. Majkut’s coat is heavy but silky.

An intriguing feature is that the coat is longer on the belly and forms something like breeches on the legs. However, on the shoulders, it is shorter. Maine Coons come in several color varieties; you can find both white cats, black cats, tricolors, or so-called Whiskas – gray cats.



Although this is a cat that is large in size, it has an unbelievably gentle nature. It accepts other cats and dogs but will try to subdue them and rule in a pack. To people, he is exclusively friendly. He loves company and being the center of attention. He will become the main attraction when guests visit. He never misses an opportunity to pet and play.

Despite their size and history, Maine Coon cats are sweet and gentle. They love their owners and adapt to any environment as long as they have some room to be active. Majkut is friendly, with a typically curious cat nature. He loves his family but does not require constant attention.

He will follow you around and show interest in what you are doing but sometimes needs some time to play with himself. This is one of those cats that get along with everyone, including dogs and other cats.

They are not aggressive with children, but they can undoubtedly get rowdy, so it is always best to introduce them to a new household member under the supervision of a guardian. The good news is that they adapt to unique circumstances very quickly. If you come across a Maykun that is not friendly or seems a little nervous, it is most likely in bad shape.

It is infrequent to find a cat of this breed that will not want to be friends with you. The Majkun likes to play hunt and is eager to learn how to walk on a leash or harness, making him an excellent choice for anyone who travels often and would like to take a feline companion.

When choosing a scratching tree, you need to consider that this is not a tiny cat. It doesn’t have to be very high. Usually, Maine coon doesn’t climb on the cupboards because he is not aware that he can jump so high. However, he likes to watch the owner from higher places, so a medium-sized scratcher with wide places to lie down will do well. It is worth providing him with a solid scratching post.

Sociality – Maine Coon male cats


Most Maine Coon owners will confirm that males of this breed are much more sociable than females. Males are more significant and do their best to make their human companions laugh, which they do brilliantly, so they are often the center of attention.

Males are much more casual and look for a good time with everyone. Both friends and strangers are potential canine companions for them.

Sociality – Maine Coon cats


These cats are brilliant and playful. Females are also very social but will initially stay a little further away from strangers. They only become trusting once they get to know you. They just need definitely more time to open up, but they will be your friends for life once that happens.

Maine Coon – character similarities to dogs


The Maine Coon breed is called the dogs of the cat world because their size is similar to that of a dog and mainly because they exhibit canine traits regarding loyalty to household members. Both male and female cats are described as gentle and easy to train.

They like to hunt and spend time running after toys, so it is crucial to provide them with the right amount of entertainment. They will accept the entire family as their own but will be exceptionally loyal to the person who cares for them. All in all, this is a great breed that is a pure pleasure to be with.

10 fascinating facts about the Maine Coon breed

  • Maine Coons are the largest breed of domestic cats. They are large and muscular, with males weighing up to 18 kilograms.
  • This is the only show cat breed that originated in the United States – as we mentioned, the Maine Coon is believed to be the result of a cross between short-haired domestic cats and long-haired cats that came to America on ships of European settlers. Only the strongest and fittest were able to survive the harsh New England winters, and to this day, Mayans are known as hardworking cats with excellent hunting skills.
  • Maine Coons are adapted to live in cold conditions because they have long, shaggy, multi-layered fur and large paws that help them walk in the snow. They also have fluffy ears (some with tufts) and bushy tails that they can wrap around their bodies for extra warmth.
  • “Dogs of the Cat World” – Majkun breeds are usually very social and enjoy human interaction. They are friendly and loyal and usually get along well with children and other animals. They can even walk on a leash!
  • Maine Coon cats are amazing singers! They don’t usually meow, but they chirp and make sounds that are a mixture of meowing and purring. Cats may tweet when they spot prey, and the chirping is usually an expression of happiness.
  • Most Mayflies like water. They have waterproof fur and can be great swimmers.
  • The theory on how Maykuns got their name is that they are descendants of the sea cats owned by British Captain Charles Coon, who sailed from New England in 1800. The cats are said to be called “Coon cats.”
  • Are they related to Norwegian forest cats? Still another theory about the origins of the Maykuns is that they came to America with the Vikings, which is why they resemble Norwegian Forest Cats.
  • They have nothing to do with raccoons – there is a myth that the Maine Coon is related to raccoons, but this is not true.
  • The winner of the first American dog show, held in New York in 1895, was a brown brindle Maykun cat named Cosey, who belonged to Mrs. Barker.

Maine Coon cat diseases and care


The life expectancy of these cats is estimated at 13-18 years. Everything depends on the individual body of the cat. It happens that cats of this breed have genetic defects. The most common is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Breeding cats and kittens must be tested for this.

You cannot breed cats with HCM/HCM results together (there is a high probability that the cat will get the disease), and you cannot mix two cats that have n/HCM effects together (they may or may not get the disease).

Only cats with an n/n score can cross with n/HCM cats, provided that the cat has fascinating traits. This way, there is a chance that the mutation will not be passed on. The Maine coon breed may suffer from other diseases, including polycystic kidney disease and joint problems. It also happens that the hair on the cat’s tail gets greasy (this is more common in males).

Although the Maine Coon has a long coat, grooming this cat is not problematic. It is enough to comb it every few days. It’s a good idea to get your cat used to different grooming routines while still small. Tamed and familiarized with these activities, it will not cause any problems (especially if a treat is waiting for it later). You just have to be careful with the tail.

The hair pulled out there grows back very slowly, so you shouldn’t comb there too hard. During the molting period, it is worth grooming the cat more often. It not only makes the cat look regal, its coat shines, and is soft to touch, but also helps prevent the cat from mewing. This is extremely important because the cat can become burrowed and die if the hair clumps together into felted balls.

Check the ears and teeth and trim the claws regularly. If you tame your cat with water, you can bathe it from time to time and use a special cat powder. Because a Maine coon has a long coat, it can sometimes get dirty and can’t clean itself, so it’s a good idea for your cat to be in contact with water. You can trim the hair under the tail (inner ports) a bit to avoid possible mishaps.