Maine Coon Cats Life Expectancy: How to keep them happy and healthy longer

Maine Coon in garden

Maine Coon cats continue to be one of the most well loved domestic cat breeds not just in Maine or the US but definitely in the whole world. Its charm and popularity have caught the hearts of cat lovers and everywhere. Having a Maine Coon cat can be a wonderful experience. Keeping them healthy and happy should be a priority.

What is the average life expectancy of Maine Coon cats?

Maine Coons cats are generally a healthy breed. It is not too difficult to take care of a coon and there are no special care required as compared to any other cat.  While Maine Coon cats typically get really huge and might need more food than say, a more average sized cat, there are actually no additional steps or routine required to maintain a Maine Coon cat’s good health.

Most would say that Maine Coon cats can live for up to 12 to 15 years. However, there were some data from a study that showed a good number living to 16.5 years of more. Maine Coons cats have adapted really well especially since they have been genetically made to survive harsh New England winters.

How can an owner help a Maine Coon cat live longer?

Although a Maine Coons are already healthy cats on their own, of course, the care that they receive from their owners also play a big part in whether they can live long and happy lives. There are different factors to consider when aiming for a cat to live longer. Even though Maine Coon cats are a hardy breed, there are some diseases that Maine Coon cats are prone to. It is important that owners are aware of these diseases and how they can be prevented.

Improving their diet

A lot of owners really love spoiling their cats. It is so easy to give in to their baby-like expressions. Then when they purr, then it is going to be so hard to resist them. This is also one of the reasons why some cats get overweight. Maine Coon cats are already on the bigger side of the spectrum so it is best to make sure that they don’t get overweight. An overweight Maine Coon can be at a greater risk for some diseases like feline diabetes. A lot of experts would suggest a high protein low carb, low fat diet for Maine Coon cats.

Allow them to have lots of play and exercise

Maine Coon cats are big fluffy balls of energy. They are naturally curious and love playing “hunting” games. It would be great to equip them with lots of opportunities to stimulate them to play and exercise such as toys and quality time with their owners. Exercise doesn’t just keep their body healthy but it keeps them happy as well.

Lots of love

Cats are independent creatures but having loving owners make them happy for longer. Giving Maine Coon cats attention and affection will play a big role in providing them a great quality of life. Having a cat is a big responsibility but these beloved felines never come short of giving back the love given to them. Maine Coon cats are very loyal to their owners. All the love and affection given to them will surely be well worth it!