Are Maine Coon Cats Cuddly?


Technically, cats are finicky animals. When you think that you know your Maine Coon cat, the feline becomes even feistier and does not act like the cuddly cat you know. Your Maine Coon cat may just be playing with your mind.

It is possible that your Maine Coon cat is having a terrible day or possibly does not feel well.

So, you see, it is actually difficult to say if a Maine Coon Cat is cuddly or not.

Just as with a human, or a dog, we all have bad days.

Sometimes you do not want to be touched and will refuse the closeness.

Maine Coon Cats


If you have never been lucky enough to meet up with a Maine Coon, it may surprise you. Their size alone makes them a little intimidating. Strangely, this is truly the opposite of reality. The Maine Coon Cat is the one feline that will do what it can to be close to you.

The Maine Coon has a very strong desire to be close to humans. Although you do not hear the exact words, you see this in the actions of the Maine Coon. The most loving sign from your Maine Coon is when they make it obvious that they want your attention. They will let you know that it does not matter what you are doing, they will show you that they are far more important than whatever task you are doing.

There will obviously be times when you do not have the patience for the clingy desires of your Maine Coon. However, this will not stop the Maine Coon from trying. There are actually signs that come from the Maine Coon that will prove just how cuddly they can be.

Home Acrobatics


So many of us have had to work from home for a period of time now. This is due to the pandemic,  Your giant Maine Coon has likely become accustomed to having you around so much more now. This will mean that they want your attention much more than they did when you left the house to work.  One behaviour that they will have no problem telling you about is that while at home, they are the boss.

Like so many other cats, your Maine Coon will jump up on the desk, they will lay across the keyboard or anywhere that they can be to distract you from what you are doing. According to your Maine Coon, the time you spend typing or working on the computer is time that your cat is not receiving from you.

On the brighter side, having your large furry feline next to you can help make that long boring workday go by in a quicker fashion.

Waking Mom or Dad Up


The alarm goes off in the morning, that gorgeous furry baby of yours is likely going to come over to you and begin to nuzzle and cuddle with you. Your Maine Coon cat will begin to purr in a very rhythmic pattern which makes it incredibly hard to wake up. This is a form of emotional response from your furry friend. Another one of those times when your Maine Coon cat would be happier to keep their loving human in bed with them.

Some Maine Coon cats will actually use their paws to ‘knead’ you into waking up. To most of us, this would be a much more pleasant way to wake up, however, some of us will find it much easier to fall back to sleep.

Cuddle Buddies


I think it is safe to say that we all like having a cuddle buddy at times.  Those times when we are curled up and reading a good book or snuggled on the couch or comfortable chair to watch a movie, having that lovable Maine Coon next to us or on our lap makes for a sweet session of time spent with each other.

This is true especially when it is chilly outdoors, having the warmth of your Maine Coon on your lap or next to you will help you stay warm when you hear the howling wind.

Strangers Passing


How often have you actually tried to walk through the house doing daily chores or tasks that need to be done, and you see the big furry baby laying there watching you. You know full well that the Maine Coon is not about to let you walk past without grabbing your attention.

In all reality, your baby giant is not going to let you walk past and not jump up to follow you. Your Maine Coon will jump up and begin to follow you into every room you go to. This would include the bathroom also.

The attempt may be simply rubbing their whiskers on you to get your attention, then it will progress to weaving in between your legs, then walking right in front of you.

Walking In The Door


When the day is done, if you were lucky enough to leave the house to go to work, you come home at the end of the day. Guess who will be on the other side of the door to welcome you back home. This big furry baby will be the first to let you know that they missed you and are so happy that you are home.

The Maine Coon, who can be considered a quiet feline, will actually sound as though they are talking to you with all their vocalizations. You may be extremely tired when you come into the house when your big bundle of love meets you at the door. Imagine how dreadful your life could be if there was only a dark and quiet room waiting for you after work.

Fellow Couch Potatoes


Again, curling up to watch a scary movie, a romantic movie or a mind-boggling show that makes you wonder is always so much better when you have a friend with you! Your Maine Coon buddy is the perfect pal to snuggle with. If you jump out of fear, your cuddle buddy is right there. If you start crying, your love bug will be there for you.

Always Have A Friend


It will never matter what type of day you have had. You come home happy and your furry feline will be there. If you happen to be sad or depressed, your Maine Coon will be the first one to try and cheer you up, he or she will also be the first to give you a cuddle or a hug.

The Maine Coon cat is famous for the kind and loving character they possess. They may act like they want to be left alone, however, when you walk past and continue on your way, that same Maine Coon is going to demand some attention.

To be honest, not all Maine Coon cats like to be lap buddies. There may be only 30% that love to be held in your lap. You also will not be able to tell until your Maine Coon has grown up. Being a lap buddy is not a genetic feature.

It may be that when you adopt your Maine Coon cat, he or she may act like they do not need to have a buddy like you.  As they grow and as you both develop a relationship with each other, the fact of being a lap buddy could change.

Be sure that you understand, that when the Maine Coon feels love coming from you, they will begin to show you more and more love as time goes by. We cannot guarantee that your Maine Coon will instantly be cuddly, however, it can be stated as a fact that the Maine Coon does love to have a human buddy like you. So it may just be a matter of time before the giant Maine Coon decides that it will jump up and sit in your lap for a short time.

This behaviour will happen quickly when you show the Maine Coon love from the start. Holding and cuddling your Maine Coon is the fastest way to let your furry feline know just how much you love him or her.

To be clear, the Maine Coon is a very affectionate cat, when they feel the affection come back to them. The Maine Coon is not an aggressive cat unless they have been provoked first. Young or old, the Maine Coon loves attention and will do what he or she feels they have to do in order to garner that attention from you.

The owners that have not researched the Maine Coon are likely to assume that their cat is just a needy cat. We can tell you that the Maine Coon is not needy, it is not clingy, they simply love attention and receiving love from their human owner.

If you find that your Maine Coon is clingy, there could be a reason for this. The Maine Coon may have been weaned from the mother much too soon, it could be that they never had a time where they were not receiving attention. This would then be normal behaviour for them. Be patient with the Maine Coon and enjoy having a furry feline that can give love just as well as it is willing to accept that love.