Do Maine Coons Need a Special Diet?

Maine Coon Eating

Maine Coons do not really need a special diet. They are naturally big cats that are high energy, almost kitten-like throughout their entire life.  All that energy requires quality food to fuel it. A good rule of thumb for any cat’s diet is to feed a high quality dry food mixed with occasional wet food ( 2-3 times a week).

The reason you want your coon’s food to be a good quality dry food is because they need to be able to use those teeth. Dry food can help to reduce the incidence of tartar build up on the teeth.

The Right Type of Food

Choosing the right diet for your Maine Coon will help to insure good health and a long life. There are a lot of opinions when it comes to what kind of food you should feed your Maine Coon. There is some sound advice that would make sense to anyone that is concerned about their cat’s diet.

It should be somewhat varied (who wants to eat the same food everyday?) and it should be absent of certain foods. Tuna is probably something you want to avoid in the ingredient list of any cat food that you choose since it is a large fish that can contain quite a bit of mercury. Smaller fish like sardines are safer.

You also want to choose a preparation that is free of wheat gluten as this can cause allergies and digestive upset. Dry foods should be “no grain” varieties. Grains are not a natural part of a cat’s diet and it has been shown to cause obesity in cats, so avoid grain based foods at all cost.

Learn to read the labels of your cat’s food. If the first ingredient is soy or some grains then forgo that food and look for one that has a meat listed as the first ingredient.

The Bowl Counts

The type of bowl that you feed your cat from matters! Plastic bowls are not safe for your cat. The plastic can cause allergies which appear as acne on the chin. Plastic bowls can also have rough edges which can cause scrapes on the chin. Plastic can also scratch easily and cause bacteria growth in the crevices.

It is best to use stainless steel or glass bowls. They are safer and easier to keep clean.

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