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How Do You Tell If A Stray Cat is A Maine Coon

Stray Cat

We can not say that there is no chance that the Stray cat you found or rescued is a Maine Coon cat. However, it is unlikely that the stray is a Maine Coon.

To begin with, a Maine Coon is a special breed and it is highly unlikely that some owner will just abandon this cat.

For the majority of Maine Coon Cats, they have been bred by a special breeder.

These breeders sell the Maine Coon cats. They can charge a hefty sum for a purebred Maine Coon.

Sometimes, it may be hard to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon or another long-haired breed of cat.

Maine Coon Physical Traits

Stray Cat

We know that a Maine Coon is a large cat with long fur. However, there are other breeds that match this also. There are certain differences between a long-haired stray and a Maine Coon.

In order to tell the difference between a Maine Coon and others, it is always wise to know what the physical characteristics of a Maine Coon are.

Rectangle Shape

They have a Rectangular body shape. This is one of the first clues in telling the differences. This means that a Maine Coon is built larger and bulkier than a normal cat. With this body type, not only are they unable to prowl around the house and sneak up on you, they are unable to hide in tiny spaces.

The rectangle-shaped body is due to the muscles that make up the frame of a Maine Coon. This body shape makes the Maine Coon very strong and athletic.

Long and Shaggy Fur

Stray Cat

Again, there are many cats that have long and shaggy fur. The Maine Coon cat does shed a lot! It should not be a surprise to find this fur all over your home. Shedding will happen more in the summer months.

The length and thickness of this fur will change throughout the year. In the summer, the hair thins out due to the warmer temperatures. In the winter and cooler months, the hair will begin to grow even more and thicker. The longer, thicker fur helps the Maine Coon stay warm.

Fur Covered

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This long, thick fur is all over the cat’s body. The fur appears as a mane around the cat’s neck and even the tail has long thick fur. The Maine Coon will have more fur on the neck and tail. The neck fur will be the longest on the whole body. A Maine Coon will hold their tail very proudly, which makes it easy to spot the tail.

This long fur will have an oily feel to it. This is in contrast to other domestic breeds that do not have an oily feel to them.

It may sound redundant, however, the best way to give you a clue as to whether you have a Maine Coon cat or kitten, is to check the fur. The fur is long, thick and has a slightly oily feel to it.

Maine Coon Eyes

Stray Cat

The Maine Coon has a set of extremely large eyes. When they tell you that the eyes are the window to the soul, this may have been written in regards to Maine Coon cats. These large eyes appear to be similar to a human’s eyes. With such large eyes, the Maine Coon cat looks even more intelligent.

As stated, the eyes are large and they are also slightly slanted. The Maine Coon will typically have gold or green eyes. However, there may be some Maine Coons who have blue eyes.

Large, Furry Ears

The Maine Coon ears are slightly different from any other domesticated felines. The ears of a Maine Coon resemble those of a lynx. Slightly pointed, with tufts at the tips. It is easy to mistake the Maine Coon cat ears for those of a bobcat. The Maine Coon ears are shaped this way to help them retain warmth in the colder months.

Not only will there be tufts of hair on the tips of the ears, but the Maine Coon has tufts of hair inside their ears also.

Maine Coon Personality

Stray Cat

One more way of identifying if the cat is a Maine Coon or another domesticated breed is by the personality. The Maine Coon is a very personable and outgoing feline. Many cats, if they are strays, will have become skittish over time. The Maine Coon seems to be fearless and does love to play.

Legs and Tail

The Maine Coon has sturdy, muscular legs that are proportionate to the remainder of the body. You will notice the difference between another domesticated cat and the Maine Coon. When the Maine Coon is resting, and the temperatures outside are getting chilly, the Maine Coon will wrap its tail around its body. This is another way in which the Maine Coon stays warm.

There is another way that may be helpful when it comes to distinguishing a Maine Coon from other domesticated felines. If you can, grab the tail and see if it will reach the shoulder blades of the cat. If it does or comes extremely close, you likely have a Maine Coon cat.

Although it is easier to see when the Maine Coon is still a kitten, if there is a black ring around the tail, it is likely that you have a Maine Coon.


The Maine Coon continues to grow for up to two years. There have been some that have continued growing for up to 4 years. Other domesticated breeds are done growing by the time the cat reaches 9 months to 1 year.

If you are one of those parents who insists that your cat never stops growing, it is likely that you may have a Maine Coon.

Other Evidence and Mannerisms

Stray Cat

The full-blooded Maine Coon is friendly and has a great demeanour. The Maine Coon is a relaxed type of feline and gets along very well with children and other pets.

Water Surprise

One thing you will learn when it comes to felines is that they do not like water, except to drink. Whereas a Maine Coon actually loves to splash in the water. They like to spill water and you may often find them splashing and playing with the water in the toilet. It may be best to keep the lid down on the toilet once you adopt or purchase a Maine Coon.

A Maine Coon will show a fascination with water, and if there are any other signs then you likely have a Maine Coon.

Acting Like A Dog

People know that dogs are extroverted animals. They are also faithful to their owner. Maine Coons are also known as reliable and friendly, quite the extroverted feline. The Maine Coon is likely the one feline that will actually greet you at the door when you arrive home from work. The Maine Coon actually loves to say Good Morning!

Is The Cat A Mix?

Stray Cat

This is quite possible! If the cat shows some signs of being a Maine Coon, yet not all of them, it could be a mixed breed. As a rule, breeders are extremely careful to not allow mixed breeds together. If for some reason, you have a mixed breed, it is likely because an owner allowed their Maine Coon outside and there was a pairing with another feline.

A mixed-breed Maine Coon is capable of having three to four physical characteristics. The mixed Maine Coon may have a rectangular shaped body with strong muscles and athletic ability.

To determine what breed was mixed with a Maine Coon, you would need to have a genetic blood test done. This will help to identify all possible breeds in your cat. However, just because your furry friend is not purebred, does not make him less lovable.

The genetic test will give a breakdown of the different breeds that your cat is mixed with.

Mark it With an M

Stray Cat

All tabby patterned Maine Coon cats do have the distinctive M on the forehead. This M marking is not specific to just Maine Coon cats, that would make things easier for identification right? The colour does not matter, as long as the Maine Coon has the tabby patterned markings, the M will be evident.

The Maine coon has another distinctive difference between domesticated cats and Maine Coon. The Maine Coon has tufts of fur between each of the toes. Other long-haired felines are just as pretty, however, the Maine Coon also has longer fur on its feet too. This fur between the toes and long fur around the feet is another method the Maine Coon has of staying warm in the cooler weather. 

Whether your stray cat is a full-blooded Maine Coon or even a mixed breed of Maine Coon with another breed, this cat is a lovable, friendly and loyal companion. It may be easy to seem frustrated over all the fur in your home, but that fur is one way that the Maine Coon has of staying warm in cooler weather and protecting its paws. The Maine Coon is a great addition to any family.