Life With a Coon Series: Introducing a Maine Coon Cat to Your Resident Pet

“i swear this wasn't posed” by beth h is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Last week, I started the Life with a Coon series to talk about integration. In the pilot post, we talked about how to introduce a Maine Coon cat to your family with a baby. When your Maine Coon cat moves in, it will slowly get to learn the different smells around the house. This will include the baby’s smell and everything associated with the baby. In the second post of the series, we talked about how to introduce your new baby to your Maine Coon. On that post, there are some tips on how to prepare your Maine Coon cat for your baby’s homecoming.

Maine Coon and other pets

For this third installment, we will talk about how you can introduce a Maine Coon cat to your family when you already have some pets. Maine Coon cats are very friendly cats. They don’t mind company whether it be other cats or dogs. These gentle giants are very playful and they enjoy being friendly with others, whether pets or humans. However, there will still be a period of “getting to know each other” between your current pets and a new Maine Coon cat.

How should I introduce a Maine Coon cat to our family with pets?

Even though Maine Coon cats are one of the friendliest breeds of cats, it’s not all you should consider. Of course, there is also the personality of your current pets that you need to consider. Some dog or cat breeds may not be as friendly. And some pets, like other cat breeds, that can be very territorial. So that’s something else to think about.

Introducing a Maine Coon cat to a resident cat

If you’re resident pet is cat, most probably it has already established its territory in and around your home. You should try to introduce your new Maine Coon cat to your resident cat slowly. There should be enough time for them to get used to each other. Generally, it’s not a good idea to have them in the same room right away. What a lot of owners do is confining the new pet to only one room in the house. All of the Maine Coon cat’s should be in the room; food, water, a bed or sleeping area and the litter box.

With this set up, both cats can eat at the same time from opposite sides of the door. This can help them associate something pleasant to the scent of the other cat. As the days go by, you can move their bowls closer to each other until they can both eat together without issues.

Introducing a Maine Coon cat to a resident dog

If you have a dog and you’re planning to introduce a Maine Coon to your family, the process above will also be helpful. But be mindful that, especially if you have a large breed, a dog can hurt or injure a smaller cat or a kitten when your it gets too excited or aggressive. Tricks can be very helpful when introducing your dog to your Maine Coon cat. It will be great if your dog is able to “sit” and “stay still” when told. When the two of them are already comfortable with each other scents, then you can try a face-to-face meet. You can use your dog’s leash and even reward him with treats if he stays still as your Maine Coon cat tries to get to know him.

It might take your resident pet and your new Maine Coon cat some getting used to before they become buddies. But with your guidance and dedicated effort, they will soon start treating each other as family members!

“i swear this wasn’t posed” by beth h is licensed under CC BY 2.0