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Maine Coon Cat For Sale In Oregon

1. Hi! This is Ciara. She is a 6 months Maine Coon cat.

She comes from a family that has a 100% pedigree. She is the last one that remained. She had other three sisters and two brothers but we managed to sell them. 

She is a very sweet cat. She is intelligent. We litter-trained her so that won’t be a problem. We don’t have any kids so we don’t really know how she is behaving around children.

We recommend that if you have kids to keep an eye on them around the cat. 

She likes to play a lot and to get her belly rubbed. Also, she has a very cute meow. When she meows you for food you will not resist her cuteness.

The price varies between 1,000$ and 1,500$. We won’t accept anything lower than that. 

She is vaccinated. 

2. Hi! This is Anika. She is a four months Maine Coon cat.

I bought her one month ago but she always runs away to her old family. I don’t really know what to do because I have enough of that. I tried everything in order to stop her from running away.

As her old family doesn’t take her back I would like to give her away because I don’t have time to get her back every time from her previous house. 

Perhaps someone that stays a little bit far away from Oregon should take her. 

Be careful not to lose her tho. 

She is litter-trained, and despite the fact that she always runs away she is very lovable with me and that’s another reason why I don’t understand why she keeps returning to her previous owners.

I thought that she might miss her mother, but her mother doesn’t accept her anymore.

Anyway, the price is 900$. I bought her for 1,200$ but taking into consideration the fact that she might wanna return back I’m going to sell her for 900$.

For more information please contact me  at: 0987654345

3. Hi! This is Rafael, a Maine Coon cat. He is 7 months older and a very stylish cat.

We love him, we found him on the streets when he was a few weeks older and since then we made sure that he is living a healthy and happy life.

Unfortunately, we are moving into another flat and the landlord doesn’t allow us to have any pets because he is afraid that they are going to scratch the furniture and the walls and pee everywhere.

Rafael is trained tho, and he knows how to use the litter so that won’t be a problem for his future owners.

He is a very patient cat and a very stylish one! He looks like he is a little bit arrogant but he is very sweet and lovable and has good manners. 

He doesn’t jump on the furniture, he doesn’t scratch anything, he barely meows.  All he does most of the day is make sure is 100% clean.

When you come from work he will come to you for some petting, but most of the time he will be very silent, you’ll barely feel his presence.

If you want to take him please contact me at this number:0987659876. We will discuss the price over the phone, as I haven’t made up my mind about the price range.

4. Hi! This is Marcelo. He is a one-year-old Maine Coon cat.

And YES, he responds to the name Marcelo! So don’t try giving him another nickname if you don’t want to be ignored.

The reason why I want to give him to another family is that because of the pandemic situation I was obliged to get two jobs, as my rent became higher and I don’t have time to spend with him and it is such a shame for such a lovely cat to stay without the love that he deserves.

Also, taking care of him is a little bit pricey and as I said before I can’t manage that anymore.

Please make sure that you have all the conditions in your home for taking care of him because he is a very big cat. So, if you don’t have enough space, please look for a another type of cat.

I mentioned this because this is my second attempt in selling him. 

The first person who came to take him didn’t realize that he is a very big cat. Although he should have known that the Maine Coon species is the biggest one among all the domestic cats.

Anyway, I sell him for 1,300$. The lower I can get is 1,000$ but I can’t promise that this is the deal I will go for.

For more information, call me at this number: 09876754322

You can come over to see him in person before making the big decision as long as you are wearing your mask inside my house! Otherwise, I won’t let you in!

5. Hi! This is Samantha. She is a five months Maine Coon kitten.

She is very cute and smart and sometimes I feel like she can talk to us as she meows every time I address her. 

The reason why I have to give her to somebody else is that my nephew is living with me. He is a high-school student and he started to live with me because of the pandemic.

 He stayed before in a student-house as his home is in another city and when the pandemic started he couldn’t go to his parents so he remained whit me.

Unfortunately, he is allergic to cats and although I gave him allergies pills he still has a bad reaction to Samantha. As he will stay with me for the next months is nothing I can do than giving her away. 

It hurts my soul to give her to somebody else but my nephew’s health is more important.

I tried to convince some of my friends to keep her for the next months but nobody wanted as it is a very sensible period of time.

I don’t have a price range at this moment if you want to take her please contact me and we will decide over the phone. 

My number: 0876739804

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