Kittens For Sale

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Illinois

1. Lion’s Head, 5 months old.

I adopted him 2 months ago because my husband’s cat had died and I wanted to surprise him as it looked exactly like his old friend.

He is very nice and intelligent. Sometimes we have the feeling that we are having a discussion with him because if we say something to him, he looks at us very carefully and answers us.

The problem with his cleverness is that he learned how to open the doors and sometimes we escape through the child’s room. Our child is a few months old, and when we put him to sleep the Lion’s Head tries to do everything possible to go to the child’s room and wake him up. It was funny once but when I saw the scene repeat and the child can’t rest became a problem.

We will provide him with everything we have bought so far for his comfort.

2. Clara, 2 months old.

She is the last one left in a family of 6 kittens. Since she stayed with us the longest, we allowed ourselves to give her a name.

As you can see it is a very beautiful light gray and white kitten. We want to sell her too, but at the same time to find her a nice family.

She is very lively and playful. I made her vaccines and her health book.

We have a puppy and he likes to play with it, so if you have other animals it won’t be a problem.

We tried to teach her how to make a litter and we think we succeeded, she still has time to do it in other places, but rarely. But you still have to focus on that until you learn.

In fact, be careful when you go not to stumble over it, because it likes to play between your legs. If you have work in the kitchen that requires standing, we recommend that you keep it somewhere else.

For more information: 0897046983

3. Missy, 3 months old.

As you can see in the picture it is very beautiful. Her fur is light orange.

I would describe Missy as a cat with a personality because she doesn’t like to be petted and disturbed at any time. He doesn’t like to be treated like a toy, so to speak. She is loving but in her own way. That was also the reason why I haven’t found a family so far. Because it was very sassy and everyone who called and came was looking for a playful cat to order.

Missy is not like that, she comes and loves you when she wants, not when you want. It may be a little difficult but we see her as a smart girl who knows her principles.

He usually comes to you on his lap and lies with his stomach up when he is in a good mood.

We do not recommend taking it if you have children, because children are hyperactive and if they try to play with it, it will reject them. She is not in the habit of scratching or biting when she is annoyed but you never know, rather be careful.

Instead, we have a parrot that gets along well, we even found the two sleeping together.

We hope to find him a good and loving family.

She is vaccinated and when you come after her you will also receive her health book where the vaccines and the breed are certified.

I had to buy her special food because it’s still a kitten, so I’ll give her her bag of food.

4. Marcel, 3 months old.

I bought it for my little boy because it was his birthday and a cat hurts a lot. Unfortunately, until that moment I didn’t know he was allergic to cat fur.

Now we have to get rid of the cat because it cannot live daily with allergy pills.

We tried to return it to the family we bought it from but they didn’t agree. Looks like they needed the money I gave them.

We are trying our best to find him another house. We wanted to leave her initially to a cousin who lives in the country, only he wouldn’t have taken care of her properly and we don’t want that.

We are looking for someone willing to provide the necessary attention and care. Being a purebred psyche is not allowed to eat any type of food, but only special cat food.

We will also give you his health book and the accessories we took to offer him the best conditions and to occupy his time.

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