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Maine Coon Kittens For sale Washington

You will find below top maine coon kittens for sale in the state of Washington.

1. He is a Tiger

I gave it this name because it looks like a little tiger cub and has the same courage even though it is very small. He is 7 weeks old.

We have a Maine Coon cat that gave birth and unfortunately this is the only kitten that survived. We want to sell him because we are aware that he will grow up and we cannot afford to take care of him and his mother.

Now that he is small, it is easy to take care of, but when he is older he will need more food and a few other things. At the moment we can’t afford to feed another mouthful.

We became very attached to him because he reminds us of his mother when she was little, so if you are willing to adopt him, you must know that we will ask for many details to make sure that Tiger arrives in a loving house.

We hope you take care of him and make time to play with him. We also have a 9-year-old girl and they get along very well together, so it won’t be a problem if you have children.

2.She is Serafina and is 4 months old

We fell in love with her when she was a little chick, because, as you can see in the picture, she is very beautiful. Her fur with multiple colors turned her back on us and we didn’t think about whether to buy it or not. In fact, she is so beautiful that an agency that deals with cat commercials asked us if we wanted to bring her to a photoshoot. The picture is from photo shooting.

So if you want to buy it, you will have a small model in the house!

Although we love her very much, unfortunately, we have to sell her because my wife’s mother needs help because she is ill and for an indefinite period we will move in with her. Unfortunately, her condition does not allow us to take Serafina with us. Plus, it would be hard for us to take care of her during this period as well.

It is a calm cat in general but also playful. She is friendly with other animals. We were surprised to see them sneaking into the neighbor’s yard to play with their puppy.

For more information call: 909-98497-289

3. He is Galileo and is 4 months old

He comes from a family that once consisted of 4 other brothers. The rest of his brothers and sisters have already found some loving homes in which to be received, but no one wanted Galileo. We think because he was shyer.

Galileo with us is very playful and uninhibited, but as soon as someone enters the door he does not feel comfortable and goes elsewhere.

The families who came so far had children and were looking for a companion for their children to play with. And Galileo would be suitable for such a lifestyle if given a little time, but as children, in general, do not have much patience and it is always about them NOW, it would probably be better if they received a family without children.

We guarantee that after it adjusts to you, it will become the ideal cat.

We expect you to contact us at the number: 08839-98776

4. This little one is Pandora and is 2 months old

We found her in our yard and after knocking on the doors of all our neighbors in the neighborhood to find out who she belonged to, we couldn’t find her family. I also put up ads and still, no one came after her.

I didn’t know exactly what breed it was, so I took it to the vet where we were told it was a pure Maine Coon breed. For credibility we also have the medical report.

We can’t keep her because we already have two very playful puppies at home and we don’t want to torment the poor cat. When I brought her, the two immediately camped on her because she was playing, only we are afraid that they don’t really realize that compared to her, they are big brutes (they are both huskies).

While he was with us, we bought him a litter box, food and a cot to sleep in, these will be handed to the next owners.

If you are interested, please call this number to establish the conditions: 09986378

5. He is Garfield and is 1 year old

He is a very quiet cat who likes to sleep all day. His figure and the way he sits usually makes him look like he is meditating somewhere far away.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I lost my job and now I live on unemployment. With the greatest regrets, I have to give up Garfield because he is an extra mouth to feed and I can no longer afford to take care of him. It was a very difficult decision to make which was ultimately implemented after many hours of meditation.

It hurts my soul to know he is gone because we have a very close connection, and in trying to keep him I tried to see if any of my friends could keep him for a while, but I did not succeed with this attempt.

If you want to come after him, know from now on that I will ask you a lot of questions because, as I said, I love him very much and I am not reconciled with the idea that I have to give him up. I want him to reach someone who will love him just as much.Please contact me at this number: 086237

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