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Maine Coon Kittens for Sale New York

1. Our names are FIG & BARLEY -Furball Sweeties!

Please meet our most gorgeous BONDED fur ball pair FIG and BARLEY – precious felines souls that searching for their forever home TOGETHER where they’re loved and may enjoy life to the fullest.

These two soulmates are losing their homes thanks to personal circumstances because the toddler of the house doesn’t conform to gentle love and petting the kitties and is actually scaring them. Although every effort was made – happy coexistence between a really outgoing child and these tender love bugs is impossible for each side so FIG and BARLEY are searching for a quieter forever home that showers them attentively and TLC. they accustomed have.

FIG may be a beautiful black-and-white Maine Coon MIx – with expressive eyes and massive paws making biscuits and massaging you into sleep at midnight. At the start he are often a small amount reserved but is following his brother’s cause trust and shortly after he knows and has smelled you, you’ll see how incredibly sweet and loving he’s once he trusts you. Fig is extremely obsessed with Harley following him around, seeking play and cuddle time with him but in fact, doesn’t want to miss his humans after they are able to give him full attention.

BARLEY could be a gorgeous Bombay Boy – representing the more outgoing goofy character of this duo- with adorable funny features and extremely affectionate demands to urge attention and snuggle time along with his humans. But don’t get fooled – his desire for interactive playtime, bouncing cat nip mice and chasing laser pointers are equally important for him to be a contented kitty. he’s an absolute sweetheart and can show you straight away that he’s a treasure kitty that you simply don’t wanna miss – and a special treat – comes together with his beautiful main coon mix brother FIG.

These young best friends are inseparably bonded and searching for a forever quiet home together.

COME and meet BARLEY & FIG – a double dose of feline hidden treasures which will fulfill your home with purry affection and love beyond your imagination!

2. My name is Static!

My son and that i adopted Static as a kitten about 5 months ago. My son named her Static because as a kitten (we didn’t yet know she was long-haired) her fur was coming in fits and starts so it seemed like someone had rubbed a balloon to urge static on that so passed it over her fur. Static may be a low key, but loving cat. she’s going to often spend most of her days sleeping in an exceedingly comfy spot round the house.

Sometimes she is going to keep you company round the house and sit near you or on you as you’re employed. Static could be a long-hair cat, so we regularly got her groomed to avoid matting. She spent most of her life with another cat we had, but will likely be shy and conceal from energetic children or pets, a minimum of initially.

3. Her name is Olivia!

She is a 1-year-old Maine Coon female.

Extremely sweet! She was abandoned needs a forever left abandoned waiting on a rock outside the family’s home. She is extremely lovely but a little bit shy at first. Also, she seems a little bit sad, probably because she was left on the streets by her family.

Please be sure that you can feed her wet canned food she needs much nourishment. 

Call 944 876 7342 

4. His name is Tender.

He is a Maine Coon kitten.

Facts about Tender:

He is neutered.

He is house-trained, he knows how to use the litter. 

He is good around other pets as he enjoys playing with them. He also likes to be around children and to get his belly rubbed.

He was abandoned by his previous family, we don’t know why but unfortunately we can keep him because our daughter is allergic to him. If we could, we would welcome him in our family but we can’t.

We also have 2 dogs and he is so friendly with them. At first, we thought that this 3 won’t get along and that we should keep them separated, but despite what we thought, Tender jumped from our arms to play with the dogs.

Please don’t hesitate to call us: 09878908900

4. Her name is Little Fluff.

She is a Maine Coon Kitten.

Facts about Little Fluff:

She is neutered.

She is lovable and extremely playful around kids.

Apparently she is ok with being around other cats, but she seems frightened every time she meets a dog.

We don’t know her previous story, we found her in the street while it was raining and we decided to take her into our home. We went to the vet at the same day so we can be sure if she is ok or not. We can assure you she is healthy. 

Unfortunately, we can keep her because me and my wife have a busy schedule and we don’t have time to take care of her. Usually, we arrive at home at 8 or 9 P.M. and I think she deserves more than 2-3 hours of attention.

If you would like to adopt her, here is our number: 09874970390

5. His name is Matthew.

Facts about Matthew:

He is a calm, lazy and an extremely sweet boy. He likes to sleep a lot but he is a sweet fellow.

We brought him home because we wanted a cat for a very long time. Unfortunately, we live in rent and the landlord doesn’t let us keep the cat in the flat because he doesn’t like the smell.

We are very sad because he is very gentle and we felt like we have a bond but there is nothing we can do.

So please if you would like to welcome him in your house take good care of him.

Our number is:08487289375

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