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Maine Coon For Sale Texas

You will find below top maine coon kittens for sale in the state of Texas.

1. Hello! My name is Chaoui. 

It’s pronounced “sha-wee,” which implies raccoon in Cajun French. Pretty cool, huh? Well, I’m a cool dude, although — okay — I’m also called Baby Cat. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m a complete love bug (Baby Cat!) and sometimes I’m a cool dude who’s gazing you wondering why it’s taking see you later to fill my food dish (Chaoui!). I enjoy exploring and have moved plenty with my current owner and adjusted well on every occasion. Unfortunately, she is now moving to the jungle of Panama, which isn’t an area for a city kitty like me so she is hoping to search out me a replacement home where I can explore safe environs like hallways and kitty trees. I usually get along fine with other cats and dogs but would even be fine because of the only pet within the house. the reality is I’d probably be happiest in an exceedingly quieter home with one person or couple and perhaps only 1 other small dog as a pet. I used to be born in 2012 so am in my late 40s in human years — reasonably perfect age, right? I’ve got been neutered, tested negative and am up to this point on all my shots. 

2. Hello! My name is Iris.

As you will know, the name comes from the gorgeous flower and as you’ll be able to see i’m a beautiful girl — with long luxurious brown tabby-colored fur and green eyes that mesmerize. My heart is even more beautiful! I’m very sweet and inquisitive about people and really just want to be a delicate companion who sits right next to you to stay you company. I struggle a bit with changes in my environment so will need a patient cat-savvy one who understands that i would like time and understanding to acclimate to my new home.I would really do best during a quiet home where i’mthe sole kitty and so I can blossom into the wonderful furry companion I’m meant to be! Note: Iris doesn’t use a litter box. this can be a behavior that despite much effort has not resolved. within the distant past she has used a litter box but won’t use one any further in her menage. she is going toneed a home where this behavior will be accommodated. She was born in 2008.

3. Hello! My name is Gilligan. 

You may remember there was a TV program a few Gilligan who went on a three-hour boat tour and ended up stranded on an island. How silly is that? Well, I’m definitely not that silly. No, I’m a friendly boy who loves everyone I meet — people, other cats, dogs, probably even children — and I’m progressing enough that I might be fine in a very home with other animals or because of the only cat. I’m very affectionate and like to cuddle with my person so as long as I’ve got my cuddle and affection time, I’m good to travel. I’ve got been neutered and am just entering a time of life as I used to be born in 2009. I would like a replacement home because my current owner isn’t ready to look after me anymore. I’ve got been accustomed to a secure indoor-outdoor environment so would favor that, if possible. Contact Linda and he or she can tell you all about me.

4. Hello! My name is Klaus.

Did you recognize the name derives from Nicholas as in St. Nicholas (as in Santa Claus?). Well, I’ll not be a saint and that I might not have an enormous bag of gifts on my behalf, but I do have one gift for you – and that’s me! I’m one in every of those “gentle giants” that we Maine Coon (mixes) are known to be. I’m easy-going and delicate, and that I come once you call my name – well, most of the time! I really like pets – even tummy rubs! I actually like hanging out with my foster Mom and you’ll see that I’m quite handsome with my long and splendid black and white fur (always in fashion).  I really like to create biscuits when I’m happy and that i is a bit shy initially but once I buy to understand you are very affectionate. I used to be born in May 2015, and that I am neutered, microchipped, tested negative for FIV and FeLV, and am up so far on all my vaccines. I am often one kitty, or I had the best with other cats. I haven’t been around dogs or children, so we don’t have a read on how I’ll be around them.

5. My name is Mona and as you’ll be able to see, I’m a fluffy, gorgeous long-haired brown female tabby with big green expressive eyes and am about 9 years old.

I really like being pet, especially around my head and ears. I’ve got been an out of doors cat most of my life so I seek a home where I can go outside ideally in an exceedingly safe grassy yard. I’m still shy with new people, so I’ll need patience and understanding while I befit my new life. Then I will be able to become your love bug forever and can meow and run to greet you! Catnip and head strokes will help my adjustment, furthermore as tips from my former caregiver. I’d choose to be an only kitty as I’ve got a small amount of a diva personality. 

I was born in approximately 2011, I’m tested negative, spayed, up thus far with my vaccines, and microchipped.

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