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10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Adopt A Cat

Adopt A Cat

When you adopt a Maine Coon cat, I can tell you that life will change dramatically for you! Cats make an excellent addition to your family, the Maine Coon is worth ten times more than that though. As the largest breed of felines known, the Maine Coon is known as the Gentle Giant.

Cats are funny creatures though, they sleep all day and can still curl up with you at night and appear to sleep through the night. Cats, even those Maine Coons are nocturnal animals. So what appears to be, may not actually be. What you know to be life, is completely different once that furry feline walks into your life.

Does that mean that your life has to change just because you adopt a cat? Absolutely not, but I would love to speak with you in a few weeks and hear the same thing. It will happen gradually, to the point you may not even notice your life changing. So what is going to change?

Your Sleeping Habits

You may be lucky and have all day Sunday off from work. You may believe that you can sleep all morning and waste the day away. Your furry feline may think it is okay to let you sleep for a short time.  When you have a new addition, this little one is going to want you up and moving around with him or her. Sleeping may become an overrated activity in your life.

You will be woken up with possible kitten kisses on your face which will seem to be so cute, you can’t argue. You will get up out of bed and fill that food dish, and fill the water dish. You are going to want your new friend to be happy.

Your New Friend

If you live alone, you will no longer be lonely. Sometimes it seems great to have your own apartment, your own home, and other times, the place may seem too large for one person. When you adopt a cat, this four legged fur ball is going to be your new best friend. Those days when you come home frustrated due to traffic, work or after a hassle with a friend, your Maine Coon will be there to hear you out.

That is one of the great things about these Gentle Giants, they do not talk back and tell you that you are wrong. They will sit there and hear you out, they will follow you around so that they do not miss a single word. Those evenings when you want someone to dance to your favorite song, your cat is there!

So Long Clean Home

Adopt A Cat

It is not that cat’s are really messy critters. However, they will find ways to let you know they live there. You may need to invest in those sticky tape clothes erasers. Every time you sit down on a chair or on your sofa, your clothing is going to pick up some cat hair. It is inevitable. The fur just seems to float through the air and land where you do not want it.

When shedding season arrives, prepare to brush your cat’s hair just as much as your own hair, well maybe not quite so much. There will be the need for extra brushing of your fur baby. The Maine Coon cat is a gorgeous feline, with long fluffy hair. That is likely one of the reasons you fell in love with the beauty!

There will also be bathing to be done every so often and brushing the teeth, grooming your cat will become second nature. Then you also have the litter box that needs to be cleaned, DAILY! It smells, and you will want to avoid it, but if you do walk away, that bacteria is going to build up and you are risking your baby getting sick. Clean the cat box!

Alone Time

There is no such thing as being alone. Once you enter your home after a day of work or an evening out, you will no longer be left alone as you were used to, at one point. The cat will follow you to the bathroom and likely sit and stare at you while you do all bathroom things. Once you turn the shower on, he or she may have second thoughts about being in the room.

If you are trying to get dressed, your new friend is likely going to walk and weave in between your legs, hinder putting socks on, and even just walking through your home could become a challenge.

You can also guarantee that if you are in the kitchen making something to eat, that loving little furball will sit right there and watch you until he or she gets a snack.

All The Love You Want

Adopt A Cat

We all have those moments that we just want a hug, a cuddle or someone to sit with us. Having a Maine Coon cat is the answer to your dreams then. These Gentle Giants love to be held, at least most of them. Many of them will actually turn into lap cats.

It will surprise you that he or she will want to cuddle up together, but do not be shocked. Even if you’re having a terrible day, you may seem angry at the world, but this will not bother your baby kitten.

This cat that you adopted will jump up and be there to help you calm down. They have a way of helping you destress. It could be that purring, it could be the way they knead you as they are getting comfortable. Rest assured you will soon feel better. What you feel from this adorable cat is the same it hopes to receive from you, Unconditional love! It is the greatest feeling in the world for both of you.

Never Eat Alone

Mealtime will never be lonely again. One of those bad habits that many people have at restaurants, is one you will notice that your Maine Coon cat has now. They will stare at you the whole time you are eating, if they are awake that is. They will always sit there hoping that you might throw them a small morsel or two. Which is okay, as long as it is not food that is harmful to them.

Moving Quickly

Adopt A Cat

There will be times that you are going to discover that you are capable of moving much faster than you thought. Cats are quite adept at climbing and walking in high places, however, if there are objects sitting up in those high places, they could get rattled and knocked over.

Same as any drink glasses, plates or cans or bottles sitting on a table in front of you. If it is something that can be knocked over, I can almost guarantee that your new cat is going to find a ways to knock it over.

You Will Develop a Strong Stomach

Come on, this is a cat! Cats love, and I mean absolutely love to bring presents to those they love. They may find a mouse while they are outside, or even a bird and they are going to bring it to you as a present. To them, this is just another way that they show you the love they hold for you.

Of course, there will also be hairballs laying on the floor or your furniture once in a while. This can’t be helped. When a cat grooms themself, they also get the loose hair into their system. After a short time, they have to get rid of it. They do this by gagging and vomiting the hairball.


Yes, you read that correctly! You are going to learn to be humble. When you have a cat, especially one that is as gorgeous as the Maine Coon, you are no longer the center or the star of the world. This cat knows it is beautiful and it will demand that you do also. Your world is now spinning in a whole new way, that does not revolve around you!

Welcome To  Healthier You!

Adopt A Cat

It is a well known fact that cats have a way of reducing stress along with other mental health benefits. When they reduce your stress, they also lower your blood pressure. Surprise! But, since cats love to play, especially many of the Maine Coons, they will find a way to get you up and playing with them also. Don’t worry, they don’t expect football or laser tag, they just might enjoy a game of fetch now and then.

As you see, a cat can change your life! A Maine Coon will change it just as much and you may not even realize that this is happening. Sooner rather than later, your friends may realize that you seem more calm, cool and collected. Maybe more rested, how could you not be when you listen to the way a cat purrs, it is one of the most relaxing sounds around.