9 Annoying things Maine Coon Do

These huge cats have an angelic soul. They are characterized with great patience and closeness to their owners. As they love to be around people and visitors, they are perfectly fitted for homes with small children, dogs, cats and other animals. Although they don’t mind a lot of noise or hubbub in the house, they love to get attention from everyone around them. They tend to subjugate others, so they require consistency in upbringing from a kitten.

They are rather not high-flying or jumping cats. However, they will not despise exploring a tree, a scratching post or a cat highway hung on a wall, but they prefer playing and chasing on the ground. They also show their dog character when it comes to entertainment preferences – walking on a leash on walks or fetching is the best way for them to spend time with their guardian.

They easily adapt to changes in their surroundings. They can be familiarized with driving a car, thanks to which they can become seasoned travellers. Maine Coons are rather quiet animals. They don’t have in nature a loud, constant calling with meowing. The sounds they make are more like chirping.

Maine Coons are extraordinary cats. You can look for a whole range of qualities in them. They adore their dog character and attachment to their caretakers add to their charm. Yet, Maned Coons have some unusual behaviors for their breed. Below you can find 9 annoying things that Maine Coons may do.

1. Maine Coons are always begging for your attention

Maine Coons need a lot of attention as well as yours, so if you won’t give them a daily measure of attention and love, well they are not satisfied because of you and they will let you know it, they will become too noisy.

They love to follow you around the house, although some owners like it and some don’t, so you better make a plan how and where to walk around your apartment and whenever you want to do something, or you are reading a book, then they love to distract you, and when you take control of them, they become excessively loud and noisy, you won’t be able to stand their howling! so beware!

2 Maine Coons require a lot of exercise

Maine Coons are adept hunters, which leads to excessive physical activity, so these cats may not be perfect for you if you don’t have a lot of time for them. They require a HUGE amount of exercise! It’s not that any other cat breed doesn’t do this, but the Maine Coon requires quite a bit more activity to keep in shape.

A Maine Coon cat will be bored pretty quickly if it is without any physical activity. It will probably look for ways to play and exercise in its way and this may not be good for our couch… This may involve ​inappropriate scratching and damage to items in your home. Maine Coons are prone to obesity if they do not get regular exercise. Find time each day to play and exercise with your Maine coon cat.

3 Their tails are a stumbling hazard

Maine Coon tails get caught under their feet; they stick them out to try stumbling. You will also have to be careful at all times not to get that furry appendage trapped in anything. Maine Coons tails are also a health hazard because they dangle them in food and drinks whenever they get the chance.

One more thing, if you step on a Maine Coon’s tail, you will feel awful! So, you will need to take extra caution if you ever own a Maine Coon step on their tail. Another thing about their tails is that they think they are hidden, but you can often see a piece of the tail sticking out. They seem blissfully unaware of this! Hilarious.

4 Maine Coons have claws!

Since Maine coons are big cats, their claws get too big and if you don’t trim or clip them, their claws can hurt you. You are expected to trim their enormous claws every 3 weeks. If you are not, then be ready for scratches in your home and on yourself.

Maine coon cats love to play with you and don’t know that your claws hurt when playing with you. So it is your responsibility to keep their claws short for your own safety or the safety of your child. Maine coons are very harsh when they play, so be careful. And you better take care of them because besides making noise from lack of attention, they could leave you an unpleasant scratch.

5 Maine Coons Make a Mess with Food

Maine coon kitties are super messy eaters that can mess up the floor with whatever they eat. However, they get better as they grow older. With these cats spilling everything on the floor, you’ll always have something to clean up, and that’s isn’t always fun.

The funny thing is after they’re done with the feeding cans, they’ll focus on the leaks, and for most owners, that’s a big challenge. As a friendly reminder, provide a good feeding can or plate which is wide, instead of some narrow and tiny feeding plate or water can. Just wait and, as they grow up, they start to clean up but make sure you provide good plates.

6 Kids can’t resist them

Maine Coons are patient cats and have a high tolerance for babies and children. However, cats and children should be supervised at all times. Most problems with Maine Coons and children occur when children are too rough with them. If you were dragged or tormented endlessly, you would probably eventually unload. Maine Coons are gentle cats, but they are not saints and have a limit to what they will tolerate. It is important to teach children to be gentle with them and treat them with love.

7 They Might Never Leave You Alone

Some Maine Coons love to cuddle. You’ll be pinned down all evening and forced to watch TV while everyone else in the house runs around doing things for you, such as fetching you wine, tea, coffee and snacks. This is so annoying! You’ll be amazed at how long you can last when you have to go to the bathroom!

8 Maine Coons shed a lot of furs…

The Maine Coon cat has all three types of hair – pelt, down and transitional hair. This fur structure makes them prone to shedding and requires regular combing sessions, preferably every few days.

They are great at shedding fur and can mess up your home unless you invest time in caring for them. So it is worth getting your cat used to grooming from an early age, and rewarding your pet with a treat or affection after each one is completed. It’s best to comb him with a metal comb with long and narrowly spaced teeth. So if anyone tells you that Maine coons shed little, it’s a big lie. However, if you end up getting a Maine coon, be prepared to groom.

You’ll be doing a lot of brushing, vacuuming, and cleaning to keep their fur from flying around the house. During high shedding periods, it is recommended to use trimmers or a comb to comb out the excess undercoat and dead hair. The procedure itself should take place in a relaxed atmosphere, without tugging and “tearing cats”.

Maine Coon fur reaches everywhere in the house, especially food, furniture, clothing, walls, and floors. Their poop can be provided with fur around the buttocks, so be sure to trim the fur around the buttocks to make your life easier.

 When grooming, pay special attention to the areas: under the arms, in the groin, on the so-called “breeches” and behind the ears, where the fur tangles the most. More time should be spent on combing the tail – the hair there grows more slowly and every torn or damaged tuft of hair can leave baldness and thin of the hair coat for a long time.

9 Maine Coons leave their special smells

Maine coons make a mess with their poop, always stepping on their poop, a particular tendency for male Maine Coons. However, they improve better and better as they get older. Most of the time, you will find poop on their tails and butts.

You may also go back and find poop on the floor, furniture, walls, and everywhere else. Cleaning up poop is not fun, however, as I mentioned before, they will improve overtime as they become more mature. Maine Coons’ poop smells heavy when you don’t feed them proper food, so always be on the lookout for these smells. At any point, Maine Coon poop will start to smell bad, so you should check the quality of the food you are feeding them


Maine Coon is an uncommon breed, being the combination of the nature of a dog and a cat. It is a melting pot of such original characters, closed in a magnificent body. Maine Coon is a cat with a huge heart, which becomes more attached to the owner, needs his presence and love. It is not a suitable choice for busy people, spending long hours away from home.

However, it will prove itself on the side of families with children and elderly people, who will provide him with a lot of love and a reasonable portion of physical and mental activity. Maine Coon will be a perfect companion for a person who will understand his unusual disposition, give them love, and devote their time and attention. Given with affection, he will return it with gratitude, making a matched duet with his guardian for the next several years.