Do Maine Coon Cats Need a Companion?


Maine Coon Cats, those adorable, large furry felines that just draw us into them, may actually get lonely at times too. Imagine being the only person you interact with day in and day out, life would get pretty boring and you would likely get very lonely.

As an owner, you would also know how much the Maine Coon wants your attention, and wants to be loved. This superbly friendly nature of the Maine Coon Cat actually shows their desire to not be alone.

Stereotypically, all cats are fiercely independent. Maine Coons tend to be the opposite of that.

Maine Coon Cats On Their Own


Let’s be clear about one thing, leaving your Maine Coon alone is not going to cause him or her immediate stress or depression. It is also a fact that your Maine Coon will become used to being alone, but that does not make isolation a good thing.

As a matter of fact, you may not even notice that your Maine Coon is being affected by loneliness.

Although the Maine Coon is known as the Gentle Giant of felines, it does not mean that they are comfortable in all situations. They will become accustomed to it, but in time, there will be signs that your Maine Coon is depressed.

What may happen is that the Maine Coon will become accustomed to the household routine and begin to rely on that to be just that…routine. It is the unexpected periods of time spent alone that could begin to cause depression for your Maine Coon.

Leaving Maine Coon Kittens Alone

aggressive cat

If it can grow to become a problem for an Adult Maine Coon cat, imagine what a kitten would feel. It is highly suggested that for the first couple of weeks, one should avoid leaving the Maine Coon kitten alone for any period of time.

Since Maine Coons are so highly friendly, they need the interaction at first even more so. When you bring a Maine Coon kitten into your home, the adjustment should not be one of loneliness. This is a huge time of change for the kitten. They had gotten used to their mother and siblings around them all day, every day.

This is going to cause confusion in the kitten, and that will develop into loneliness. So, if at all possible, be home or have someone who can come and sit with the kitten for a period of time throughout your work schedule for the first few weeks.

When you do need to leave the Maine Coon kitten alone, be sure to kitten proof your home. Move all cords, shut doors and windows and cover all sharp edges.

Any areas that have small spaces that would allow a cat to get stuck in should be blocked off so the cat cannot get into them.

Maine Coons and Companions


If you have previously owned a Maine Coon, then you fully understand that they appreciate the companionship. The Maine Coon is an intelligent feline who wants to be a part of the routine, part of the action happening. This is not the type of kitten to purchase or adopt if you do not have time to spend with the little one.

If it is at all possible, adopt or purchase two Maine Coon kittens. Preferably a sibling. This way they already know the other cat and there should be no issue.

Having the two kittens together and growing up will make the separation time easier on all of you. This ensures that they have company when you are away from home.

Alone Time

It should come as no surprise when you are told that even cats need alone time. This should be already figured out in the home. They would each need a place where they can go to be left alone.

Older Maine Coons


Pros When you decide to get a second Maine Coon, be considerate of the age difference. An older cat is not going to have the energy or ambition to chase a kitten around all day to keep it happy. However, the older Maine Coon may decide to play mother or father to a kitten. This may help the older Maine Coon cat, but maybe not so much for the kitten.

Cons There are definitely negatives when considering getting a second Maine Coon. There may be a territorial fight or show of aggression. If you bring home a kitten to help cure the loneliness of the older Maine Coon, it could backfire as the older Maine Coon may not want anything to do with a little one.

Canine Friends


It is also an option to get a puppy. Since the Maine Coon is known as the dog of the feline world, they, in general, are able to get along with any other pets in the home. Keep in mind that each cat and dog is an individual, so getting along with another animal will depend on the animal itself.

Do Maine Coons Bond With One Person


A male Maine Coon is probably going to bond with just one person. The female Maine Coon, on the other hand, will bond with more than one person. No matter how you look at it, having at least one person in the home for the Maine Coon to bond with will help the Maine Coon Cat and also you.



Windows are actually a source of complete entertainment for all cats, not just Maine Coon Cats. Another way to entertain your Maine Coon of any age is to invest in a nice Cat Tree. The nice ones will have cubbies that a cat can hide in when they want to be alone. A tree will also help them when they want to climb or jump and play.

Other cat toys would include a system where they can chase a ball, a stuffed mouse, and of course some soft cat beds. Do not forget that cats in general love to play with boxes. They can go for hours enjoying one box and taking a nap in it.

Leaving a radio or television on at a low volume will also help the cat not feel as though they are completely alone.

Placing a few scratching posts throughout the home may help protect the furniture if your Maine Coon likes to scratch. If you can place a perch near a window that would allow the Maine Coon to see outside, maybe watch the birds and any other animals they may see.

Cats like constant fresh water, you may witness them drinking out of the faucet when it is turned on. If you can find a water system that allows for your Maine Coon to have fresh flowing water all day your cat will be happy.

You could also find treat toys, which cat toys with a type of puzzle or puzzle built-in. When the Maine Coon learns that there is a treat hidden inside, they will play with the toy much more often in hopes of finding a treat hidden.

Easier Transition


You may notice that the transition to a new home can be hard on your Maine Coon. Especially if it is a kitten. A kitten is used to having the mother and any siblings around it on a daily basis. When you decide to only get one cat, this can make it incredibly hard for the first few days.

The cat will not understand what is going on, as it is strange to be left alone for long periods of time. If you could find it in your heart and your wallet, to pick up a pair of Maine Coons, especially from the same litter, this would make the transitions so much easier for all of you.

Maine Coons are often kept as indoor pets, logically so. When they are alone all day they will become lonely. This is why breeders will suggest getting two cats at the same time. This would be ideal if they were the same age, however, an older Maine Coon may take a kitten under his or her wings.

Even with another Maine Coon or a dog in the home, the Maine Coon desires attention from you. They will learn to adapt to your work schedule, however, any change in this routine can throw them into a stressful situation. This is why it is so highly suggested to have more than one animal in the home. The loneliness will be abated and the Maine Coon may not feel as lonely.

The Maine Coon is the gentle giant of the feline breed, it is a friendly animal that can get along with almost any animal once it is accustomed to the other animal. The two types of animals may even form a special bond with each other.

What is advised is that when you first bring your Maine Coon home, spend a day or two with it. Help the cat learn that if you leave for a short time, you will come back.