Reality of Living With A Maine Coon Cat

Living With A Maine Coon Cat

Life may never be the same when you adopt or buy your Maine Coon cat. They are lovingly known as the Gentle Giant of the felines and once yours is full grown you will understand why. The large cats are one of the best breeds you could choose.

Some people may become overwhelmed with pets, the grooming, the vet visits, the feeding and cleaning. However, if you are here and reading, then you are obviously pretty close to your decision to get a Maine Coon.

Is life going to be different when you bring a Maine Coon home? Of course! Just as it would be when you bring any animal home. The difference is when you spend money to get the Maine Coon, you know and others realize that this is not just a throw aways animal. Around the Holidays so many families choose to get pets for their children. They do not realize how much work there is to have a pet.

These are the people who after a short time, they have chosen to get rid of the animal. This is cruel to do to the animal. They did not ask for temporary love. Well, this is not going to happen with a Maine Coon cat. There is a reason these cats cost money. They are purebred, not just a mix of stray cats out in the world dropped off.

What I am making a point of is that when you purchase a Maine Coon, it is a serious decision, not one made lightly. For us, that means you are seriously wanting to share love and home with one of these gentle giants.


If you are a single person, you will never be alone again. Maybe not even left alone when you need private time. The Maine Coon may greet you when you walk into the door or room after being at work. Your fluffy feline may likely follow you from room to room if he or she missed  you while you were gone. Your cat will most certainly try to follow you into the restroom and just sit there staring at you.

Living alone makes it easy to keep your home or apartment clean. After all, you are the only one making a mess anywhere.

When you have brought home a Maine Coon cat, you will probably have cat food laying on the floor around the food dish. There will probably be spilled water from the water dish. You can bet there will be some terrible odors coming from the cat’s litter box. You will have to clean that out at least one time a day. That is if you want to keep the odors from permeating every room of your home.

Another disgusting task you will have is picking up the random hairballs. You may not be home when your Maine Coon coughs up a hairball. When this happens, the fluid that was coughed up with the hair ball will need to be scrubbed out of the rug or wherever the hairball sat. The hairball itself will look like your cat missed the litter box. When you get closer you see that there are strands of hair woven in and out.


You may have planned ahead and bought one of the best cat beds on the market today. I am sure that your cat will use it one in a while, however, furniture turns into more of a favorite location to sleep.

What does this mean for you? You know those lint rollers for clothing, you may want to invest in a few of them. The long hair from your Maine Coon will be stuck on the sofa, the hairs, your clothing and even floating in the air.

You will find cat hair in places you would not expect. When I say floating, I seriously mean floating. Even if your furry feline does not go into certain rooms, such as the bathroom, there will be some long cat hairs there.

Visiting Overnight

It is going to become difficult to stay overnight at any time. There is much planning that needs to be done before you can take a weekend trip away, or even a longer trip. There are options for what you can plan for however. These may include, but will not be limited to,

  1. Finding a cat sitter, by asking a friend or family member to stay at your place while you are gone. Some should be there to feed and water the cat. The litter box needs to be cleaned and your Maine Coon needs company.
  2. Locate a boarding center for your Maine Coon to stay at while you are gone for a day or two. These do cost money, so an added expense is to be had.
  3. Through your local area you may be able to find someone who could stop over once or twice a day to feed the Maine Coon, clean up, and give water. This person can also play with your Maine Coon, too. However, you must keep in mind that your Maine Coon is somewhat finicky about who they associate with. Strangers are not their favorite people and they may choose to stay hidden out of sight while the person is there.

When you become a proud parent to a gorgeous Maine Coon cat, just like any other cat, it makes it more difficult to come and go as you may have become used to. There is now a furry feline that relies on you for daily matters. Your Maine Coon is part of the family, and you would not leave any family alone for extended periods of time.

Before you actually adopt or purchase the Maine Coon of your dreams, you will need to be prepared and have a veterinarian ready. The task of choosing a vet is not as easy as it sounds. Since Maine Coon cats are prone to some certain issues, you need to be sure that you have a vet that is trained and knowledgeable in regards to all things Maine Coon.

Your Gentle Giant is going to need his or her own doctor in case he or she becomes ill, or gets hurt jumping off those high places. The Maine Coon, just like all other pets, needs to have vaccines and preventative care done in a routine manner. A veterinarian is necessary for all of that plus anytime you may have questions, or if your furry baby is having strange issues. The vet will be able to answer all those questions.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the Maine Coon is a house Cat, an indoor cat. They should never be left outside for any amount of time alone. The Maine Coon does have strong internal instincts as far as outdoors, but the Maine Coon was not bred to be an outdoor cat.

Your Maine oon may not be able to protect itself when outside alone. There are far too many predators outdoors that will watch closely to be able to hunt your Maine Coon and have it for dinner.

Your Maine Coon will be happy whether you live in an apartment or a house. As long as the cat has toys, a climbing apparatus and a comfortable bed, as well as food and water. The climbing apparatus, or climbing tree, needs to be one that is extremely sturdy.

As your Maine Coon grows, they will become heavier too. So you will need a very good quality climbing tree. What the Cat needs is the aforementioned items and your love! The Maine Coon loves to feel loved. They may not always want to be held, but they love to have conversations, they love to have your attention and your love.

As stated the Maine Coon is a very affectionate cat. Although this may happen on their time and not yours. They will expect you to be there when they want attention. Your friends will need to understand that if you spend so much money on a gorgeous Gentle Giant in the feline family, they will need to know the cat gets your attention before the friends do.

If they do not like cats, other visiting locations will need to be arranged. Your friend and your fur baby may become friends, but it will take time. It is very seldom that there is an instantaneous bond.

It is safe to say that having a Maine Coon cat is going to change your life. You will be busier, happier and healthier. It is common knowledge that a cat has a way of easing stress in humans. Their purring and kneading help to calm people down when they are upset or stressed out.

So your blood pressure may become healthier, you will be moving more, possible to catch items that are about to fall, and you will not experience being alone and lonely. Having a Maine Coon is sure to change your life for the better. You will gain additional unconditional love and have a living being there if you need to talk and get stuff off your chest.