Eight Signs Of Maine Coon Affection

The Maine Coon is known as the Gentle Giant of the felines. They are the largest breed of cat you will likely ever find. That is not all there is to a Maine Coon cat. Their personality vary greatly, but a Maine Coon will not have a difficult time telling you what it is he or she is feeling or wanting.

There are signs given by virtually every animal known to mankind. They give off signs when they are scared, when they are hungry, when they are tired or angry. But, they can also let you know when they want to be held and loved. For the most part, the Maine Coon is a very loving cat. Very seldom will you find one that does not like or enjoy receiving love from their humans.


There are actually many signs you will notice after reading this that tell you that your Maine Coon holds a lot of affections for you.

1. Follows You

Your Maine Coon becomes your shadow. As funny as that may sound, it can also be somewhat aggravating as the Maine Coon will try to weave in and out of your legs. These cats are highly inquisitive creatures and will want to know everything. This may likely include following you into the bathroom and sitting there staring at you while you do what you must do. 

When it is time to cook dinner, you can bet they are going to follow in hopes of snagging a treat while you are cooking. However, you will also notice that once you turn on the faucets for the shower, your Maine Coon may decide it is time to leave the room. Something about the feline and a shower in the same sentence, does not resonate well with your Maine Coon.

2. Blinking

How your Maine Coon blinks is very telling of his or her emotions at the time. If your Maine Coon is blinking at you in a slow and deliberate fashion, you should not hesitate to return the blink to this Gentle Giant. The blinking is a sign that they are not feeling hesitant or afraid of you in any way.

The Maine Coon will also do this to other cats they are comfortable around. When you return the slow and deliberate blinks in the same manner to your Maine Coon, they will feel the love and feel safe. This blinking towards your Maine Coon will also help when you have just adopted a Maine Coon. The eyes can truly speak a 1000 words.

Again with those gorgeous eyes of a Maine Coon cat. Your Maine Coon may sit in front of you and just stare at you. It is not that they want anything from you, they just like to look at you. It is believed that this staring only signifies that they are extremely happy that you are still there. They do not need to be on your lap, as long as they can see you and stare at you with all the love they hold inside.

3. Making Sounds

Your Maine Coon will become a chatterbox. Now the Maine Coon does not just purr, they can make multiple sounds. This is just their way of speaking with you. They may be telling you about the bird they saw out the window, or just a dream they had, but a conversation will be had.

One highly interesting fact about a Maine Coon is that they will not speak to another cat, but at times, they may not seem to want to stop speaking with you. This is likely that they are just hoping to hear your voice, this may reassure them that you love them too.

It may not happen very often, but your Gentle Giant will crawl up and curl up in your lap. Being the affectionate sort of creature that a Maine Coon is, you would be unlucky if your Maine Coon does not choose to be a lap cat. Not all enjoy curling up in your lap, but for the majority it is bound to happen once in a while.

You will also find that those who do jump up to your lap will also be the ones that proceed to ‘knead’ your lap. If their nails are still there, this may become slightly painful. This is a sign that tells you that your Maine Coon is extremely comfortable with you.

4. Love to Play

Dogs are known to be the playful domesticated pet. However, I have seen many Maine Coon who love to play. Whether this is with one of their most favorite stuffed mice or even a safe laser light, there are many Maine Coons who love to play with their humans.

Oddly enough, the Maine Coon will never fully stop playing, no matter what age they become. They may certainly slow down when it comes to running and chasing, but they will continue to play as long as they can.

My Maine Coon greets me every day when I arrive home from work. It is rather pleasant to see. Most often you hear about the dog who gets excited to see their human when they walk in the door. The Maine Coon is no different than a dog when it comes to greeting you. They absolutely love it when you come home.

The Maine Coon will proceed to rub against my legs, purr and try to lead me to a certain place. Before I can get much further inside the door, I have to bend down and rub the chin a little and talk to them. Our Maine Coon will actually head butt me on the legs until I acknowledge that he is there.

5. They Nudge

It may seem as though your Maine Coon is trying to give you a hug, they nudge you with their nose. There are times, no lie, that this can drive me insane! My Maine Coon loves to do this just as I am trying to fall asleep. The head butt is not done to be aggressive, the Maine Coon will be gentle about it.

My logical guess would be that they are trying to get their own scent back on you. Especially if you have just arrived home from a long day of work. This is one of those behaviors that every Maine Coon cat does, you may never be on the receiving end of a head butt from your cat, but once it happens, that is one of those signs you will never forget. I actually find that I do it to my Maine Coon before she does it to me half the time.

6. Marking You With Pheromones.

Maine Coons have a deep instinct for hunting. Even if they are not outdoor cats, they will do what they can to hunt and bring your presents. If your Maine Coon is allowed outdoors at times, do not be upset or surprised when he or she brings you the gift of a bird or mouse or some other outdoor pest. This is your cat’s way of giving back to you for all that you do for them.

Have you ever been deep in thought, or just about asleep and you wake to your Maine Coon licking you? At first it was shocking to me. I then passed it off as I must have had something on my arm or cheek that she was trying to remove. This is actually not done as a bath for you. This is your cat’s way of marking you with their pheromones.

Your Maine Coon delivering presents, kissing, licking, head butting, and staring at you are ways in which they allow other parts of them to join in and share the love they hold for you.

7. Distract You

This Gentle Giant of yours will also attempt to block your view if you are trying to see something. I have always assumed that this was my Maine Coons way of telling me he needs some attention quickly. It only takes a few minutes, no longer than a coffee break to give the cat the love and attention that they are craving.

At the same time, the Maine Coon is a very intelligent animal. When they see you have brought out a suitcase, an overnight bag or something along those lines, they will try to stop you from using it. They likely sense and fully know that you are leaving them. Their effort to stop you from packing is their way of asking you to not leave.

8. Rolling Onto Their Back

When your Maine Coon does something that you may not see too often, such as rolling over on his or her back, she probably wants your attention, wants you to gently rub her belly.

Rolling onto their back is another one of those signs that signify how completely comfortable they are with you. They may actually want to be tickled, but take it as a warning, cover your skin first, before attempting to tickle them.

So you see, even though they do not use the exact same language as you and I, your Maine Coon has no problem telling you that they love you dearly.